Pest control Vancouver WALooking for an experienced exterminator?

The Killers has been more than just a trusted name in pest control in Vancouver, WA; we have been the go-to name in total pest control! In the 33 years we have been in the pest control business, we have received countless referrals from happy customers. People know that all our exterminators are knowledgeable and skilled at identifying pests and the places they hide. They know that we’ll not only stop infestations at the source, but we’ll stop them from coming back. That’s because we tailor an extermination plan for you and your home or business. Keeping the goal of total pest elimination at heart, we take care of our customers.

We customize each job to the specific property

We understand that there are many different pest control options out there in Vancouver, WA. That only motivates us to continue to do what we do. We strive to do what we do as if it were for our own grandmother. We start with a complete, thorough inspection of your premises. Our experienced exterminators know how to locate all the places insects and rodents hide. Once we know what we’re dealing with, we get to work. Our pest elimination plan is dedicated to eradicating all the specific pests you are dealing with. That is why our services are different. We do not have a cookie-cutter way of dealing with every job. Instead, we customize the right products and practices necessary for your unique home or office.

Our Promise

As your local full-service exterminator, we’re here for you. We promise that the job will be done to your satisfaction and guarantee the following:

  • Expertise in pests that live in the Vancouver WA area.
  • An inspection of your premises at no charge to you.
  • Open communication about our products and process
  • Total pest elimination; not simply pest control.
  • Removal of targeted pests for a minimum of one year.

We’re prepared for any pests you may have

When you have unwanted bugs, rodents, or other intruders in your home, we know that you want them gone as soon as possible. We’re ready to help you get rid of any pests you have, including:

Our customers matter! With us, you’re not simply a job; that’s why we always give you professional advice to stop any future infestations for any pests you’re worried about!

Choose us for your pest exterminator

If you have other insects or rodents—or don’t know what you have—call The Killers. We will come out quickly and make sure your home or business is returned to a clean and safe place to be. Insects and rodents carry many diseases, bacteria, and allergens. Not only are they a nuisance, but they can pose a real threat to your health too. So don’t wait; call or contact us for guaranteed total pest control in Vancouver WA today!

  • Hi Killers, thank you for working with me on my pest problem. Having customers in the restaurant seeing pest problems isn't good. Keep up the great job.
  • Paul, Thank you for coming to spray the back of the house. We appreciate the superior work you do.
  • My service with the killers has been great. I would recommend them to anyone that needs a pest service.
  • Wanted to let you all know that Paul did an amazing job on the ants at my home. It's good to have a company that really cares.
  • Paul is an awesome tech and does an amazing job on our pests. I hope it's possible for him to always be our service tech.
  • Thank you for treating our house for ants and spiders. I noticed a big difference the next day and now it's been a week and what a difference. Victor did a great job and was very personable and a great person to represent your company. I would recommend you to any of my clients.
  • Gus did a great job at our house the other day. I wanted to let you know that Gus was amazing at killing the bugs and interacting with the kids as I have a daycare. You have a great employee there.
  • Hello there, I recently had your company out to our house for termites and other bugs. I've seen your trucks and thought they were funny. I'm glad I didn't shop around because you guys did a great job. Paul was very pleasant to talk to and took care of our pest problem. Thank you, Tracy Beadles
  • Gus stopped by to check on how our pests were doing without even us having to call. He's a great tech and my wife said he always does a amazing job.
  • Dear Killers, I'm writing this to let you know how much we appreciate the job Paul did underneath our home. It was not an easy task but he got in there and took care of it.
  • Kyle, Marge called to say that you did an exceptional job yesterday. She said that she hasn’t seen the ants since you treated for them so she wanted you and your boss to know. Great job!
  • Called in to compliment Randal. Mr. Vandehey is a licensed pest applicator for his job and says it is obvious that Randal knows what is doing. He was extremely impressed with how professional and thorough he was. Kudos to Randal!
  • Hey Randle, Great Job. Always nice when you have a peer give you kudos. Great job!