Wasp Removal

Wasp Removal Portland

Bees and Wasps come in many sizes and colors and have a multitude of different nesting areas. Yellow Jackets like to find holes in the ground or small cracks in a home to make their nesting site. Paper Wasps like their name make a cone type nest that is very common in the eaves of a home. They will make the nest out of wood fibers from dead wood or many times you will see them on wood fencing or lattice getting the fibers to make their nest. These Wasps are not real aggressive unless the nest is disturbed. Bald Faced Hornet are very aggressive and protective of the area around the nest. Hornet nests usually have a singular entrance hole that’s visible and the Hornets will have look out on the nest to attack at a moment’s notice. Stay away from these nests and call The Killers for wasp removal in Portland.

Special considerations are made for these two types of Bees. These are very beneficial to the environment and again are not aggressive unless provoked. They will pollinate flowers, trees and crop for food. If at all possible we refer all Honey Bee services to collectors that will remove the nest and relocate them so they can be used to better the environment. Call us if you notice swarms hanging on homes or trees.

Wasp Removal Portland, Oregon

Wasp Removal Treatments & Extermination

We can treat paper nests directly with a liquid application. Ground nests can be treated with dust or liquid applications. If a nest is located in a wall void we can drill 2-4 pin sized holes from the interior and inject the wall with an aerosol product and the nest will be eliminated quickly.

Wasp Removal Guarantee

Many nests can be treated one time and eliminated. If your location is in a high-traffic area for bees and wasps it may be necessary to have an ongoing service. We have both one time and one year guaranteed services available.

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