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Bed Bug Treatment Portland

Bed Bug Indications to Look Out For

Bed Bug Treatment Portland

Bed bugs are becoming a larger problem every day. In metropolitan areas like Portland, bed bugs can spread very easily. That’s because they latch onto new hosts whenever the opportunity arises, and can survive without a food source for a very long time. Bed bug treatment in Portland is the only way to deal with a bed bug infestation.

If you believe you are the victim of a bed bug problem in Portland, it isn’t too late. The pest control experts at The Killers don’t just gently usher bed bugs out the door, we exterminate them.

Treating Bed Bugs is only successful if you know what to look for first. Since bed bugs like to stay close to their food supply there are some obvious indications. These include:

  • Bed Bug Bites – These bites begin as painless bumps but quickly turn into itchy welts. Bed bugs bite only exposed skin. These bites do not have a red area in the center.
  • Blood Stains – Sleeping victims frequently roll over bed bugs and crush them, or crush them between the mattress and box spring. Small rust colored spots may be found where bed bugs have been crushed, or from their excrement which is also rust colored.
  • Eggs – Bed bugs shed their skin when they molt and change stages. Small clusters of eggs can also be found.
  • Offensive Smells – Scent glands from these insects produce a musty smell.

In order to find them, do a thorough check, particularly around box springs and seams in wood. They frequently inhabit the edges of carpets, inside of electrical outlets, and other small areas like the inside of electronic devices. A bed bug exterminator will be able to provide positive identification and correct bed bug treatment in Portland.

Effective Bed Bug Extermination by Professionals

bed bug exterminator

When you need to get rid of these pests, you need a comprehensive bed bug treatment. No matter what the label on your store-bought solution says, a bed bug exterminator is what kills bed bugs. We have a multi-step treatment process that covers your entire house, and as your trusted Portland bed bug treatment solution, we don’t perform it unless we find living bed bug specimens.

Every bed bug treatment begins with an incredibly thorough inspection. Bed bug treatment can be quite involved, and we won’t recommend it without being one-hundred percent positive of a bed bug infestation. Treatment involves both crack and crevice topical treatments as well as surface treatments.

We work out from the bedroom, starting with treatment of mattress seams and edges, box springs and bed frames. We’ll move out to nightstands, dressers, drawers, all the furniture in the home, baseboards, carpeted areas, and more.

We perform another follow-up bed bug treatment two weeks after the first, and a second follow-up treatment two weeks after that. This provides the best opportunity for bed bug relief. When you need comprehensive bed bug treatment that gets results, call (503) 777-3141 or contact us today.

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