Your Affordable Pest Control Service in Dunthorpe!

  • Don’t worry about the cost. We keep costs low so you can have peace of mind.
  • Every one of our employees is trained and certified.
  • Convenient scheduling.

We’re the only pest control service in Portland that covers such a large area, including unincorporated neighborhoods. We offer competitive pricing, quality service, and follow up appointments so you won’t have to deal with pests reoccurring after we leave. Cockroaches, termites, ants, and bed bugs – we take care of them all, and more. Call us for a free consultation and estimate. We are happy to be upfront out our prices and processes. Curious about our products? Need to know whether our products are safe for pets? Just ask!

Ant Removal – Fast results for all local residents

  • Eliminate ants quickly before they eliminate your living area!
  • Always count on us to respect your home.
  • Check out our customer reviews for an idea of how well we work!

Ants are a year-round nuisance. Call us to treat the perimeter of your home to stop them before they even enter. We’ll even give you insider tips on how to keep your home unattractive to these annoying bugs. We work closely with homeowners and businesses to ensure that our scheduled treatments are working the best way possible. Count on us to arrive on time and work quickly so you can get back to your daily routine. Not only do we treat outdoor areas, we inspect the inside of cupboards, crawlspaces, and other places in your home where ants normally hang out to make sure they are totally eliminated.

Bed Bug Treatment – The best way to keep bugs out of beds!

  • We offer the best in bed bug removal services.
  • Quality products make us one of the best pest control companies in the industry.
  • Talk to our friendly technicians about tips and tricks to keep pests away for good.

Bugs don’t have to be a part of your nightly routine! Though bed bugs aren’t poisonous, some people are actually allergic to them. We don’t want them infiltrating the city because more allergic reactions can develop as a result. Count on us to keep the city safe from bed bugs with our time-tested methods.

Proudly Serving Dunthorpe

Dunthorpe is one of the most beautiful and exclusive communities in Oregon. Though it has little in the way of shopping and recreating, it is surrounded by plenty of it! And it’s nice for residents to have a home dedicated to just that — home. Leave the congestion and noise to the city and suburbs below. In Dunthorpe you can escape the chaos of the city, and we’ll help you escape the chaos of pests if necessary!

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