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Bee Removal Beaverton

Bee Removal Beaverton

Removing a Bee Infestation

Bees pose a serious threat to people with an allergy to their sting. They are also a nuisance for children and pets who may get stung in your yard. If bees have moved into your yard or business landscaping, it is time to call The Killers for bee removal in Beaverton.

Bees are not only a threat that nests in your trees, yellow jackets burrow into holes in the ground as well as cracks in building materials. Wasps, like bees, can sting, but are even more aggressive and can sting multiple times. Then there are hornets, which attack when they perceive a threat to their nest. Don’t be a hostage in your own yard. Contact us for stinging insect and removing bees today.

Bee Removal and Treatment

Our experienced exterminators are skilled in safe bee removal methods. When possible, we relocate honey bee hives to collectors who will responsibly care for them. Other types of stinging insects are exterminated. Many times, one bee removal process is all that is needed. Other times, when you are in a highly trafficked area, you may need a few treatments throughout the year to ensure a complete bee removal. We guarantee our services and will be able to inform you of the best approach after assessing your specific situation. 

Not only are our bee removal technicians in Beaverton skilled at the removal process, but they also know how to accurately identify the type of bee or other stinging insects you have. Once they know which type of insect they are dealing with, they know where to look for their homes, hives, and nests. This type of expertise ensures you will get a thorough bee treatment that completely removes the insects from your home or business.

Quality Pest Control for Bees and Stinging Insects

Bee Removal Beaverton

We tailor our products and removal methods according to your specific insect problem rather than blanketing your home or yard with chemicals that may be unnecessarily harsh. While there is no truly effective “green pest control,” we strive to strike a balance between what works and what are the least harsh products we can use.

As a locally-owned business with over 36 years of pest control and bee removal experience, we care about doing right by our customers and our environment. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have about bee removal products or our process. Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable and we are happy to answer your questions.

We offer different packages of pest control services to ensure our customer’s needs and budgets are met. No matter which type of bee or stinging insects you have, we have the ability to get rid of them, guaranteed!

Contact us today for your bee removal in Beaverton.

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