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Sugar Ants in Portland? Here’s What to Do

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Portland’s Famous Sugar Ant Problem Here in Portland, Oregon, we have our fair share of pests. Gophers, spiders, and other critters prompt homeowners across the metro-area to call pest control to evict their unwanted guests forcefully. However, the most insidious (and probably the most aggravating) pest in Portland is the sugar ant. Strangely enough, due […]

Top Four Weird Portland Landmarks

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For the Seasoned Traveler Looking for the Cool and Unusual Portland has a brilliant way of turning the ordinary upside down. From the world’s smallest park to a cookie delivery service, and a proper vacuum museum, limiting the list to just five is the most challenging part! But as everyone who visits Bridgetown probably already […]

Portland’s Best Food Delivery Options

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Food Delivery for the Masses! The worst news when you’re hungry and don’t want to go outside is that a delivery service doesn’t cover your area. Well, to save you the late-night heartache, here are five meal delivery services that cover each quadrant of the city. And whether you’re sweatpant-clad and hopelessly sunk into the seventh […]

Five Best Portland Apartments

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Determining the Impossible: What Makes an Apartment Building Special? Home quality is so subjective, it’s nearly impossible to determine what makes one “the best.” Some renters won’t do without 1000 square feet, new construction smell, and a balcony overlooking the cityscape. Others are content with a weathered studio in a fragile 1920’s complex with no […]

Best Museums in Portland

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Portland has more than one museum? You might think that your apartment feels like a museum sometimes, but you probably don’t mean it as a compliment. If you’re itching to get out–which could be quite literal depending on which pest control service you needed from us–why not spend a day at one of the muesums the […]

Best Arcades in Portland

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Are Arcades in Portland still a thing? Back in the day, practically every teenager enjoyed collecting quarters to challenge the high score on their favorite coin-op game. But with inflation these days, these games have to cost a lot more than they used to. Don’t they? That isn’t necessarily true. While in the early days […]


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