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Different Pests And What You Can Do To Avoid Them

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Tips and Tricks To Avoid Pests If you have a pest problem, you understand how incredibly hard it can be to get your home pest-free without the help of an expert pest control service. Pests can get into just about anything and make their nests in places you never go, making it hard to track […]

Types Of Bees And How To Deal With Them

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Removing Bees It is important to note that not all bees are are harmful. The majority of bees in the Pacific Northwest are pollinators and worker bees. They’re job is to pollinate all the flowers, fruits and vegetables that grow in the area. While wasps are in the same family as bees but are very […]

Silverfish And How To Get Rid Of Them

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What Are Silverfish? Have you ever opened a box of your favorite memories only to have a few silverfish dart out? These nasty little insects are enough to make most people jump at first sight. But are they harmful to humans? Is your reaction to the insect something instinctual that’s telling you to keep away? […]

What are typical dynamics of a wasps nest?

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Wasp 101 Wasps who live in colonies, known as “social wasps”  are typically friendly insects. They construct their nests in tree cavities, unused animal burrows and buildings. A newly mated wasp holes up in a warm place during winter and the “queen” comes out in spring to start constructing a new nest. The queens first batch […]

Rodent Removal Tips

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Suggestions for eliminating rodents Nothing quite sets you off like a rodent infestation. Those little scritch scratch sounds of skittering paws. The tiny squeaks that come from nowhere. These are signs that you have rodents in your house. If you do, then getting rid of them is your number one priority. Follow these tips to […]

A Pest Control Company’s Approach to Yellow Jackets in the Pacific Northwest

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Profile of Yellow Jackets in Oregon and Washington Is this scene familiar to you? You’re out with your family on a spring or summer day. It’s warm, sunny and pleasant. Everyone’s having fun until you hear the buzzing. From one side and then another, buzzing yellow streaks dart by so quickly that you can barely […]

What Are Affordable & Effective Methods To Eliminate Bed Bugs?

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Are Bed Bugs Robbing You of a Good Night’s Sleep? There’s nothing quite as annoying as being attacked by bugs living inside your mattress. Luckily, there are some effective and affordable ways that you can eliminate these pesky little critters. Here are 9 pest elimination methods you can try today. 1. Vacuuming Is Your Best […]

How do termites spread?

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Termite infestation is one of the most devastating damages that can happen to your home. You need good pest control management to get rid of termites if you plan to save your home from falling apart as a result, their attack. In most cases, you do not see the infestation coming, as termites cannot survive […]

5 Pests That Might Make You Sick

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Here Are 5 Pests That Could Cause Illness Of the many reasons to call an exterminator, avoiding illness springs eventually springs to the mind of homeowners. Ignoring the fact that they can make a mess, they can make you itch, and they’re creepy and they’re crawly, some pests have the potential to make you physically […]

Profile of the Boxelder Bug

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Here’s What You Need To Know About Portland’s Boxelder Bugs Boxelder bugs are a typical pest around the Portland area. As an adult, this structure invading pest is usually ½” in length and black with red-rimmed wings. As juveniles, Box elder bugs are much rounder, smaller, and display a more distinctive red shade than the […]


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