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Carpet Beetle Removal Portland

 Exterminating Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles are very small in size, similar to that of an apple seed. Because they are able to cause so much damage to fabric and upholstery in your home, be sure to call The Killers as soon as possible instead of trying DIY carpet beetle removal in your home.

This insect’s larva is commonly misidentified as bed bugs because of the areas they like to hide. Often you will find carpet beetles around the baseboards, mattresses, or climbing up the walls. The larva stage is about 3/16th of an inch long, and the adults, also found in groups, have little hairs protruding all over their bodies.

Carpet beetles can also be found in areas around bird nests and dry grass. They can damage wool clothing, fabrics, and feed on hair particles around your baseboards. We offer skilled carpet beetle removal in Portland and surrounding areas.

Carpet Beetle Removal Portland

Carpet beetle removal is done by treating:

  • Carpets
  • Baseboards
  • Crawl Spaces
  • The Outside Perimeter

If a home has a heavy infestation it may be necessary to do more than one application. Our experienced pest control technicians are skilled at identifying carpet beetles. We know where they hide and can map the places they live, hide, breed, and feed. Our proven products and methods of carpet beetle removal are not hazardous to human health, while still offering long-term effectiveness.

Carpet Beetle Removal Guarantee

All our services come with a one year guarantee and include all follow-up treatments if needed. That is our commitment to total pest control and to your satisfaction. We start with a free home inspection. When the evaluation of your specific pest control concerns is complete, we are able to tell you if you need carpet beetle removal or any other type of pest control. We offer a written estimate that details our findings and we offer different treatment plans for you to select the one that best fits your budget and your unique needs.

Carpet Beetle Removal Treatments for Portland Homes

Carpet Beetle Removal Portland

Early carpet beetle removal is important as these pests can easily find their way from the outdoors into the living spaces of your home. They particularly like colorful flowers and plants, such as those often planted around the entrances of homes and businesses. They are small enough to make their way in through open doors, cracks in windows, and other small entryways. They can migrate from one unit to another in multi-unit housing. Just to make it even easier for them to get around, they can also fly!

Once in, these creatures will make meals out of carpet, clothing, furniture, linens, furs, and nearly any type of fabric—even synthetics.

Some warning signs you need carpet beetle removal include:

  • Holes in your carpeting, furniture, or clothing
  • Spots of shed skins or fecal matter in your carpet or furniture
  • You see the insects around the windows or baseboards of your home or office

If you see any of these signs, don’t wait! Contact us for carpet beetle removal in Portland or our many other service areas. We offer pest control in Gresham, Albany, Beaverton, and many other locations!

At The Killers we also offer Carpet Beetle Removal services in: Beaverton