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Exterminator Newport OR


Exterminator Newport

For a first-rate exterminator in Newport, hire The Killers. For more than 30 years, we’ve been one of the areas most respected pest extermination companies. The dedication our exterminators have for their work is unparalleled. Every exterminator wearing our uniform works their hardest every day to provide you with the most comprehensive extermination available.

We believe that pests don’t deserve to live in our homes. They cause problems for individuals that can have far-reaching consequences. So, while control might look good on paper, nothing gets rids of the problem like complete extermination from a highly trained exterminator.

Don’t wait to hire an Exterminator

  • Health Problems – Did you know that cockroaches cause allergies? They can even occur in young children who haven’t previously had any. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pest caused health issues. An exterminator can eliminate these threats, keeping you safe in the present, and ensuring pests won’t be the cause of any more health issues.
  • Home Damage – Whether you need an exterminator for your business or your home, if you leave the problem to sort itself out it never will. Pests can cause damage to the home in a variety of different ways. Rodents need to chew in order to keep their teeth down, and wires are one of the easiest and most obtainable options. Silverfish eat anything that contains polysaccharides. This includes glue, paper, photos, plaster, carpeting, and clothes.
  • Pest Expansion – The longer you wait for an exterminator, the bigger your problem grows. Not only do pests mature and continue to breed, but they may even outgrow their existing sites. At that point, they may seek other places within your property to set up home, and what was once a small problem for your exterminator, has now become quite large.

Complete Extermination

Exterminator Newport

When you need complete extermination for your pest problem, you want one of our exterminators. We always start with a thorough inspection that covers your entire property both inside and out. This allows us to find all the nesting sites and determine any entry points or environmental factors that may have an effect on the extermination.

Your exterminator will go over their findings with you in order to help you determine how to proceed, and what options will fit within your budget. Once we get the go ahead we’ll use the latest practices to provide you with complete extermination, taking into account important factors like pets, children, and where the nesting sites are.

When you want a top-notch exterminator in Newport, call (541) 265-6865 or contact us for the exterminator that Newport knows and trusts!

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