Frequently Asked Questions

If I see carpenter ants inside my house, does that mean I have a problem?
Seeing ants in the interior of a structure is the first sign that an ant colony is within the structure.
Are the products used safe for my pets?
The products used are designed to be safe when applied properly. We still usually recommend that animals be out or isolated from the treatment area for 45 minutes to an hour.
Will there be any residue on my carpets or woodwork from the treatment?
All of the products we use are water-soluble and will not leave a residue.
Do you guarantee your service?
Most of our services come with a one-year guarantee.
Once I treat my house for ants, will they ever come back?
We will eliminate the existing colonies from your home, but the product we apply does lose potency over time, and this leaves the exterior open for re-infestation. We recommend preventative service once your home has been treated.
After my home is treated, will I see any ants?
Yes, you may see ants for up to 4 weeks after treatment. The products we use are of a low-level toxicity so it may take a while for all of the ants to move through the product and be affected.
I keep my house very clean, how can it be that I have roaches?
Anyone can get roaches at any time. Cleanliness is a strong factor in reducing the chances for infestation, but there are other factors. You can easily bring them home on products or luggage, from stores, restaurants, and hotels.
What causes rodent problems?
The rodent population has been increasing due to mild winters and unintentional feeding, such as bird and squirrel feeders. Rodent problems are higher in areas near waterways.