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Free Pest Inspection Gresham

Free Pest Inspection

Free Pest Inspection Gresham

You shouldn’t put off a property inspection any longer if you think you have pests. Don’t pay the first company to come along though—because you shouldn’t be paying anything at all. At The Killers, we never charge for a basic pest inspection. Our business is achieved the old fashioned way, by providing our clients with the best service in the area. That’s why we’re your source for a free pest inspection Gresham homeowners can rely on.

Get a free pest inspection on your time!

We don’t think free should come with unnecessary strings. That’s why our free pest inspections are scheduled at a time that works best for you. Call us and our appointment setter will ask you a few simple questions such as what you’ve encountered, your property size, and when would be best for your inspection. Our exterminators inspect homes, crawlspaces, and commercial properties. If you’ve got pests, we’ll find them.

Identify your Problem with a Free Pest Inspection

Depending on your pest type, there may be a number of signs that can help narrow it down. Even similar pests like honey bees and wasps can behave in very different ways. Our specialists take the time to find out why you called and what you’ve noticed. We’ll fully inspect your property to identify any pests before recommending a treatment plan. These common indications of frequent Northwest pests can help you identify your unwanted visitor.

Common Pest Signs

  • Ants – Look for frass. This looks like sawdust, and is left behind by tunneling ants. You may find it near entry points to a colony. Look for discarded wings as well as lines of ants.
  • Termites – Dampwood termites are attracted to water damaged wood. Buckling walls and ceilings are a common indicator. Subterranean termites are more frequent. They have to stay moist and travel in mud tubes you may find on walls, ceilings, or floors. Looks for damage to wood and shed wings.
  • Fleas – When it comes to fleas, trust your pets. They’ll bring them in and let you know when they have them. Unusual scratching, irritated skin, and hair loss are all indicative of a flea infestation.
  • Rodents – Pellet shaped droppings may be found anywhere. Nests are typically in underused areas and made from collected fibers and materials. Rodents are scavengers. Check left out dry foods, including animal food, for tearing and bite marks on the lower portion of the bag.
  • Bed Bugs – If you believe you have bed bugs, call us now. Signs include small blood stains on your sheets or mattress. Itchy red welts on exposed skin after sleeping. Small, brownish-red, flat insects in the home.

Get your free pest inspection now!

Free Pest Inspection Gresham

These are just some of the pests we will look for. Our technicians are prepared no matter what you may have. With a free pest inspection, Gresham homeowners aren’t required to purchase our services. Time can be a major factor though. Fast action can prevent the spread of pests and reduce damage. Bed bugs quickly re-produce and spread, termites work 24/7, and rodents contaminate a home with urine trails. The longer you wait, the worse it can get.

Contact us and fight back against pests!

We use the most up-to-date techniques for thorough and reliable extermination. Stop your problem before it grows larger. Call (503) 777-3141 or contact us for your free pest inspection in Gresham today!

We provide our pest control services in a variety of other locations. When you need termite baiting Beaverton, Portland, West Linn, McMinnville, Wisonville, or anywhere in between we are here to help!

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