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Free Pest Inspection Lincoln City

Free Pest Inspection

Free Pest Inspection Lincoln City

There’s no time to wait. If you believe you have pests, the damage will continue to grow until you have it taken care of. Spending money on a pest inspection can seem like a gamble though. That’s why you never should. At The Killers we believe in the services we provide so much, we’ll give you a free pest inspection Lincoln City residents have trusted for accuracy and reliability since 1982. Because our basic pest inspections are free of charge, you can get the answers you want without the financial burden.

Get a free pest inspection on your time!

When we say free, we mean it. We don’t have any scheduling restrictions and will perform an inspection at your convenience. We may require a little information beforehand regarding property size, suspected pest type, and which time works best. Our exterminators provide inspections for houses, commercial property, and crawlspaces. These indications of common Northwest pests may help you better identify yours.

Identify your Problem with a Free Pest Inspection

If pests weren’t noticeable, you wouldn’t be bothered by them. The signs of specific pests can be very different though. This is true even between similar species of ants, termites, bees, and more. An identification mistake can lead to the wrong treatment and bigger problems down the road. That’s why our knowledgeable pest inspectors perform a thorough inspection before recommending a treatment plan.

Common Pest Signs

  • Ants – The three most common ant species in the Northwest are carpenter, moisture, and sugar ants. Carpenter ants burrow in dry wood. Look for small holes around baseboards with sawdust-like material below them. Moisture ants build spongy nests from wet wood material. A crushed sugar ants smells like ammonia. Do not disturb the colony if you suspect sugar ants.
  • Termites Subterranean termites are the areas most common. They live underground and have wide ranges. They typically damage homes from the bottom up but build mud tubes for traveling. These can be found on ceilings, walls, and floors. Dampwood termites prefer water damaged wood. Look for water-based buckling of ceilings and walls.
  • Fleas – Your pet will tell you whether or not it has fleas. Excessive scratching and itching are a sign. Fleas reproduce fast, and you can purchase a comb that will allow you to better see them. Itching may also cause animal hair loss and skin irritation. Finding live fleas will help you rule out a skin condition.
  • Rodents – Rodents are often disturbed by heavy rain and construction. This causes them to take shelter in homes. If you hear scurrying, see a rodent, or find droppings, these are all positive indicators. If you have unsecured pet food, check the bag for chew holes. As scavengers, they will get any food they can.
  • Bed Bugs – If you have any of these symptoms, call us now. The sooner you tackle these the better. Bed bugs are flat, round, and red. They hide beneath mattresses, in electronics, wall sockets, and more. Check sheets and mattresses for blood spots. Sleepers will often wake up with red welts on exposed skin. This is caused by feeding bed bugs.

Get your free pest inspection now!

Free Pest Inspection Lincoln City

These are just some of what our pest inspections will look for. With a free pest inspection, Lincoln City homeowners are not required to purchase our services. Time can be an important consideration though. The sooner you act, the less damage you’ll face and the less your pests will spread. Termites work 24 hours a day, rodents leave trails of urine, and bed bugs breed very quickly. Pest problems don’t clear up on their own. Keep yours from getting worse.

Contact us and fight back against pests!

We use the latest industry approved methods for thorough and reliable extermination. Don’t let your infestation get any worse. Call (541) 265-6865 or contact us for your free pest inspection in Lincoln City today!.

We provide a variety of pest control services in many locations throughout Oregon and Washington. If you need bed bug treatment in Salem, Gresham, Newport, Lake Oswego, Vancouver, or anywhere in between we’re here to help!

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