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Moth Removal Portland

Removing Moths From Your Home

Moth Removal Portland

When you’re suffering from a moth infestation, it can seem like you’re being attacked from all fronts. Moth species are most often found feeding on fabric or in your pantry contaminating and eating your food. No matter what kind you need, The Killers has you covered for the best moth removal in Portland. Though our expert moth exterminators are trained to identify and treat a variety of moth species, there are some that are much more common in the Northwest.

Indian Meal Moths

It’s very common to see these pests in food or bird seed. They are attracted to products in the pantry like oats, nuts, cereals, crackers, rice, and flour – anything that is considered dry goods. These voracious eaters even consume dried wreaths and plants. Usually homeowners will see the flying moths which will alert them to the problem in the pantry. If you are in need of moth removal in Portland, you’re likely seeing moths in several stages. 

Moth larva are one of the largest contaminators of food. This is because they spin a silk web over food they are consuming. This web contains cast-off skin and fecal matter, rendering the food beneath it inedible. Adult Indian Meal Moths fly in a zigzag motion. They can travel far and may not be near food when you find them, making them easily mistakable for another type like a fabric moth. Adults can be found resting in the daytime, often in dim areas.

Moth Prevention

Moth Removal Portland

People often see this pest in bird seed stored in a garage or shed area. When storing dried goods, it’s always best to only buy the amount that you will use in the next few weeks. If you absolutely must store dry goods long term, storing them in airtight containers can keep out moth larvae. Also, make sure to thoroughly clean up spills and make sure your cupboards are clean. Doing these things will help prevent the possibility of an infestation that requires moth removal.

Moth Extermination

The first thing to do to eliminate this pest is to locate the infested food product and throw it away into the outside garbage can, not in the house. Once the affected food is thrown out we can go in and spray the ceiling lines, spray around and in the cabinets, and install pheromone traps that will catch the flying adults. Removing the larva is also crucial, and helps to prevent a new generation of moths from replacing those currently being exterminated.

Moth Removal Treatments & Guarantee

For comprehensive, professional moth removal in Portland, call (503) 777-3141 or Contact Us today. All services are performed by some of the best moth removal experts in the business and come with a one year guarantee, ensuring that your property remains protected and moth free.

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