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Moth Treatment Beaverton

Treating Moths In or Around Your Home

Moth Treatment Beaverton

Moths are a particular nuisance because different types can damage fabric materials while others get into your dry foods. In both cases, they ruin whatever they feed on and quickly lead to costly damage. The Killers offers lasting moth treatment that is guaranteed for up to a year. Our moth exterminators know just where to look to identify a moth infestation and we tailor your local moth treatment in Beaverton to fit your specific needs.

The worms you might see in your pantry make their way through your dry goods and voraciously eat up cereal, crackers, oats, rice, flour. The pantry moth’s larvae are those worms you see. Seeing these worms in your food or on the outside of dry goods containers is the first sign of a pantry moth problem. You will also see small-sized webbing similar to a small spider web inside cabinets. If you notice these indicators, it is time to call for moth treatment in Beaverton. This larval stage of pantry moths can devastate hundreds of dollars’ worth of food in no time.

Moth Treatment and Moth Removal in Beaverton

Other moths to look out for are the clothes moths. It is again the larvae that do the eating. These insects eat wool and other natural fibers, such as silk, cotton, cashmere, linen, fur, and more. They can even cut through non-natural fibers to get at a deeper layer of natural fiber. Once these insects get into closets and drawers, they can chew holes through most of your wardrobe, even damaging furniture, drapery, carpeting, and more. Again, this infestation needs to be stamped out as fast as possible to stave off future damage. At the first sign of holes in your fabric, call us for moth treatment in Beaverton.

We have offered moth removal in Beaverton for more than twenty years. Our moth treatment experts know how to seek out the areas where moths and their larvae feed and breed. We can accurately assess the level of infestation and create a treatment plan to suit your specific moth removal needs.

In order to prevent future outbreaks, it is best to buy only the amount of dry food you will use quickly. Keep all dry goods, including bird seed and other animal food, in tightly sealed containers. If you do see contaminated food, throw it away in a tightly sealed bag and take it to your outdoor garbage bin right away. This will help avoid future outbreaks of pantry moths. Unfortunately there is no real way to avoid clothing moths except with regular moth treatment from a company well equipped to handle them, such as The Killers.

We also offer treatment for these insects common in Beaverton:

For a free inspection of your home or office to see if you need moth treatment in Beaverton, contact us today.