Wood Destroying Pests

Pest Profile: Wood Destroying Pests

If you’re a homeowner, you know that there are very few issues more aggravating than finding wood-destroying pests in the walls.

Here at The Killers, we’re the local expert in dealing with these issues.

Once you know what you’re up against you can discover how to get rid of this problem quickly and easily.

Could it be termites?

When you think of a bug chomping on wood, you probably picture termites first. There are two species that live in the area. The first is the dampwood termite. These guys are big and brown and have large wings on their backs.

You might confuse them with a species of ant. While they can be a cause of concern, dampwood termites live up to their name and prefer to chew though very moist woods, and stick mainly to rotting logs. They can infest homes with rotten wood, and removal is fairly straightforward.

The more damaging type of termite is called the subterranean termite. They’re a bit more dangerous than dampwood termites, as they tend to be attracted to homes. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to find signs of an infestation. Subterranean termites build mud tubes, cylindrical structures that they use to climb from the ground into your house.

You can see mud tubes along the top of the concrete foundation leading up behind the siding and into the frame. If you see these, it is time to call a pest control company.

Carpenter Ants Portland

If not termites, then what is it?

This issue goes beyond regular termites, though. Also common in the Pacific Northwest are carpenter ants. These pests look like gigantic versions of regular sugar ants. They can burrow through an outdoor wooden porch or into the studs in your house frame. Carpenter ants are a persistent threat to your home that can do serious damage if you don’t take steps to stop them.

The last wood destroying pest to consider is the yellow jacket. Yes, not only do they ruin picnics, buzz around you while you jog, and sting, but they also can chew the wood fibers in your home to make up part of their nest. Yellow jackets are not a type of insect that you want to try to remove on your own.

What do I do about wood chewing pests?

If you don’t currently have an infestation to deal with, congratulations. Never drop your guard. To prevent carpenter ants you can set up special traps around the exterior of your property. Make sure to lay them down well away from your house so you don’t inadvertently draw the ants in.

Check the exterior of your home to locate any gaps in the windows, holes or other areas where bugs could find their way into the building. You can use special sealants to close off these entrances and keep insects out. Be sure to pick out a sealant that’s mixed with bitter agents that deter bugs and rodents from chewing through them. Even simple steps such as cleaning any food that falls on counter tops or the floor and taking the garbage out regularly removes particles whose scents can attract bugs to your property in the first place

Vigilance is the key to success. You need to keep up regular inspections of the outside of your house, looking for signs of infiltration. You can check inside as well. Go from room to room,m making sure that you stand in complete silence. Keep your ear close to the walls and listen for sounds of bugs. If you hear small snaps, that might be the sound of bugs biting through the wood in your frame.

But what if they get through?

Wood destroying pests can sometimes get through, even despite your most heroic efforts. An infestation from these bugs can cause serious damage to the interior of your house. This can lead to very costly repairs and might even affect the resale value of your home. All is not lost, though. There’s hope for your house and your family.

Call The Killers today if you know or even suspect that there are wood eating pests in your building. We’ve been in business for over 30 years. Our decades of experience and highly trained staff mean that we know where to look to find any hiding termites and other bugs. We have the equipment and expertise necessary to eliminate the entire infestation.

The Killers are your most trusted source for taking care of wood destroying pests in Vancouver, Washington. Use the contact form or call to set up an appointment today. We show up on time for our appointments and work until the job is done. A visit from The Killers comes with t added benefit that we’re also familiar with all of the other pest threats in the region and can evaluate your home for any other potential problem spots. If we find another issue, we’ll work with you to get it fixed.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain

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