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Spider Removal Portland

Removing Spiders from Your Home

Spider Removal Portland

Hobo spiders are one of the most common spiders we deal with today in the northwest. Homeowners have become aware of this spider due to the influx in the last few years in and around their homes. The Killers sees these spiders in many areas around your home such as crawlspaces, baseboard areas, around furniture, exterior foundation and your yard. The web of this spider is very distinct, in that it’s a flat web, not a vertical web and it will have a small funnel hole that the spider hides in. Once the spider’s prey lands on the web it will bite and then retreat to the funnel till the pray becomes immobile. There is another spider in our area that makes a similar web and it’s the giant house spider and the main difference is the coloring on the legs when compared to the Hobo spider. The legs on the giant house spider are different colors in the segments on the leg and the Hobo spider’s leg is one solid color. The coloring on the abdomen is similar in both spiders. Call a spider exterminator in Portland today!

The biggest bit of information that most people have heard is that we have Brown Recluse Spiders in the northwest. There is always that possibility but it is very unlikely because Brown Recluse Spiders area native to the southeastern part of the country.

Spider Removal Portland

Spider Removal Treatments

The bite of the Hobo spider is a very serious situation. Initially, there will be redness at the bite location then you will notice a swelling within a day or two. Next, the bite will start to blister and ooze liquid after a couple more days. Eventually, the bite will start to cause necrosis and a deterioration of the skin will start to happen. The bite can take many months to go away and most people that have been bitten say they still have a small scar after a year or more.

First, we start by spraying the baseboards inside and around your furniture. Next, we spray the perimeter, foundation, eaves, and crawlspace then place sticky traps in locations where Hobo spiders are likely to be running inside your home.

Spider Removal Guarantee

All spider extermination services come with a one year guarantee and include quarterly treatments. Also included are any additional treatments that may be necessary during your coverage year.

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