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Pest Control Canby

Pests cause problems. From health hazards to property damage, there are  a wide variety of insects and rodents that interfere with your daily life. Pest control in Canby is the best way to control these unwanted guests. With The Killers you can have lasting pest control that focuses on removing the problem instead of applying a band-aid.

Our skilled pest control technicians are your complete solution for effective pest control in Canby. We only hire experienced technicians, who can identify your pest with absolute certainty, creating a pest control plan for your property and your problem. True pest relief cannot come from a blanket approach. Every infestation poses unique hazards to your health, property, home or business; you deserve quality, tailored services.

Pest Control Services in Canby

Since every situation is unique, our services are designed to build on one another. Every visit begins with a comprehensive inspection. We’ll take a complete inventory of infested areas, identifying entry points, nesting sites, movement and other important details. With a complete picture of your infestation, we can perform targeted pest control.

We’ll have an in-depth consultation with you before we begin any work.  We offer a wide variety of packages at affordable prices, and depending on your situation one may be more beneficial than another. Our friendly exterminators are glad to answer any questions regarding services, warranties, procedures or products. We focus specifically on the complete elimination of pests, providing lasting pest control in Canby.

With total pest elimination, we don’t give your pests a chance. Every treatment is tailored to you, and our pest control technicians take everything into consideration. This includes important factors like children, property size, pests, and infestation scope. We use the safest methods available that still deliver total pest control.

Unmatched Pest Control

Residents in Canby know there’s just one company to turn to when they want complete pest control. All of our staff our highly experienced and thoroughly trained. We continually train and investigate the efficacy of new products so that we stay on the cutting edge of pest control in Canby. With extensive time in the Northwest we don’t just know what your pests look like, we know their habits, favorite foods, signs of infestation and how they vary from season to season. Don’t wait to get your home or business back, just one call can return your property to normalcy and provide you with stellar pest control.

When you want effective elimination that’s tailored for you, call (503) 777-3141 or Contact Us for pest control in Canby today.

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Pest Control Canby, OR


Canby, OR, named for Edward Richard Sprigg Canby, a Civil War general, is located in Clackamas County. As of the 2010 census, the population was 15,829 people, including 4,129 families. Landmarks include the Oregon Public Library and the Canby Depot Museum.

  • Hi Killers, thank you for working with me on my pest problem. Having customers in the restaurant seeing pest problems isn't good. Keep up the great job.
  • Paul, Thank you for coming to spray the back of the house. We appreciate the superior work you do.
  • My service with the killers has been great. I would recommend them to anyone that needs a pest service.
  • Wanted to let you all know that Paul did an amazing job on the ants at my home. It's good to have a company that really cares.
  • Paul is an awesome tech and does an amazing job on our pests. I hope it's possible for him to always be our service tech.
  • Thank you for treating our house for ants and spiders. I noticed a big difference the next day and now it's been a week and what a difference. Victor did a great job and was very personable and a great person to represent your company. I would recommend you to any of my clients.
  • Gus did a great job at our house the other day. I wanted to let you know that Gus was amazing at killing the bugs and interacting with the kids as I have a daycare. You have a great employee there.
  • Hello there, I recently had your company out to our house for termites and other bugs. I've seen your trucks and thought they were funny. I'm glad I didn't shop around because you guys did a great job. Paul was very pleasant to talk to and took care of our pest problem. Thank you, Tracy Beadles
  • Gus stopped by to check on how our pests were doing without even us having to call. He's a great tech and my wife said he always does a amazing job.
  • Dear Killers, I'm writing this to let you know how much we appreciate the job Paul did underneath our home. It was not an easy task but he got in there and took care of it.
  • Kyle, Marge called to say that you did an exceptional job yesterday. She said that she hasn’t seen the ants since you treated for them so she wanted you and your boss to know. Great job!
  • Called in to compliment Randal. Mr. Vandehey is a licensed pest applicator for his job and says it is obvious that Randal knows what is doing. He was extremely impressed with how professional and thorough he was. Kudos to Randal!
  • Hey Randle, Great Job. Always nice when you have a peer give you kudos. Great job!