Rodent Removal

Rodent Removal Portland

Mice and rat infestations have been getting increasingly worse over the last few years. We see the cause of this being our mild winters as well as the feeding of wild animals such as squirrels, birds and even the feeding of raccoon and possums. With this, there are large amounts of extra feed for mice and rats that haven’t normally been there in the past. This has caused a significant increase in sightings and infestations in homes and businesses. When you need rodent removal in Portland, contact The Killers!

Mice and rats are scavengers that are looking for food or a place to nest, which in most cases, can be in your crawlspace, attic, garage, shed, kitchen cabinets, or even your car. They will nest in insulation, stacks of fire wood, or search for anything they can make a nest out of. They come in during the winter because of the cold and then in the summer when it gets hot.

While nesting, mice and rats can contaminate items in your cabinets, like dishes or pans, with urine or fecal matter and you may not even see it when you use them to cook. They can also contaminate insulation in your crawlspace and attic if the infestation has gotten severe enough. The biggest concern with rodents is diseases, possible home fires, and appliance failure.

Mouse and Rat Removal Treatments

There are many ways to treat for mice and rats such as live trapping, snap trapping and poison baiting programs. Mice Extermination or Rat Extermination is really what you need, you don’t want to just Control them! We can tailor our program to your preference but we feel that baiting is the fastest and most complete way of treating for them. Our baiting program is very comprehensive in that we place bait in all the areas that mice and rats will come into contact with, using locking bait stations where necessary or placing bait where non-target animals can’t get to it. The service will involve the following treatments:

  1. Installing locking bait stations on the exterior of the building or home
  2. Placing bait in kitchen cabinets, in bait stations if necessary
  3. Baiting the crawlspace under your building or home
  4. Baiting the attic if evidence is found there

Attic Rodent Removal Portland

Once we place baits, it will be necessary to check for any areas that may be contributing to the infestation like openings for them to get into the crawlspace which will then give them access to your whole building. If any holes or openings are found they can be noted for sealing at a later date. We can seal them for a charge or the building owner can fill them in. The reason for leaving them open for the initial month or two is that the bait we use will dehydrate them and make them search for water, so they will need the access to get out so they don’t die on the interior of your building. Bait will then be rechecked in 30 days, six months, and one year. If during one of the rechecks, the technician determines more baiting is necessary that service will also be performed.

Mouse and Rat Removal Guarantee

All mice extermination or rat extermination services come with a one year guarantee and include all follow-ups. If at anytime you see or hear more rodent activity, all you have to do is call for an additional service. There are no maintenance or service fees for the service year.

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