Small Ant Removal

Small Ant Removal Beaverton
Small ants are often referred to as sugar ants because they are attracted sweet things. If you miss cleaning up a spot of spilled soda or you have a bag of sugar that is not tightly sealed you may have an infiltration of small ants very quickly. The Killers offers comprehensive small ant removal in Beaverton that is guaranteed for a full year.

Small ants can be particularly difficult to get rid of and stay rid of. Our professionals know how to accurately identify the type of small ants you have. From there, they locate their nests and treat the areas where the live and breed. You can rely on a complete small ant removal from your Beaverton home or office.

Depending on the type of ants you have and the severity of the infestation, multiple treatments may be necessary. If they are, they will all be included in your ant removal package and you will not have to pay for subsequent visits for small ant extermination.

Guaranteed Small Ant Removal in Beaverton

The two main types of small ants that plague the Beaverton area are the odorous house ant and the moisture ant. Both of these types of small ants are highly social, which means where there is one, there are thousands more nearby. These ants can get into food sources and quickly ruin large amounts of food in cabinets and pantries. They get into pet food bowls, garbage cans, and are on dirty dished almost as soon as you set them down. They feed on the smallest particles of food left on countertops or flooring.

Small Ant Removal BeavertonThe Tapinoma sessile, or odorous house ant, carries its name due to the ammonia smell it emits when killed. These ants are often seen coming out of sidewalk cracks or holes in dirt within yards.

The Lasius, or moisture ant, is aptly named for its need to be close to a source of moisture. It is often found living in crawl spaces and can find its way into kitchens and bathrooms. They thrive in moist wood and can hold moisture in building materials, encouraging its decay.

Whichever kind of small ant you have, they are a nuisance. Because of their numbers, they are a force to be reckoned with. With our year-long guarantee, you can rest assured that your small ant removal will be complete. As a locally-owned business, we are dedicated to our community. We guarantee satisfaction so you can feel good about choosing our services.

We know there are other pest control services out there, but we offer over thirty years of experience delivering dedicated extermination services that locals can count on. Check out our online reviews and you will see that we are a trusted name in Beaverton!

Contact us today at (503) 777-3141 for your comprehensive small ant removal in Beaverton and the surrounding areas.

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