Portland, Oregon is the most populous city in the state. With endless cultural activities, mild temperatures, and strong job growth in athletic apparel, healthcare, and IT, this area is an exciting place to call home. If downtown and close-in neighborhoods are too tightly-packed for you, there is a network of attractive suburbs that allow for more leg room, so to speak, while still offering convenient access to desirable urban amenities.

We provide excellent pest control service for all of the following unincorporated Multnomah County areas, including:

Dunthorpe – This community is a lesser-known area of Portland, but includes some of the most beautiful properties in the region. Overlooking the Willamette River and home to some notable celebrities, Dunthorpe is always a treat to visit… even the treat is treating homes for pests!

Sylvan Highlands – Located on the West Side of the West Hills, Sylvan Highlands is one of the most desirable places to live in Portland. Named after the Roman diety of the woods, this region honors its heritage with classically Northwest-style hillside homes nestled between shady evergreens, twisty mountain roads, and a lush groundcover of ferns. But with wild areas come wild creatures – we’re more than happy to help keep them outdoors where they belong!

Stafford – Much like how Portland inherited its namesake from a faraway city, Stafford was also named after a city on the East Coast of the United States. Stafford, Ohio was the hometown of a prominent pioneer during the late 19th century. The area is home to just over 1,500 people, mostly retirees. Some of which, as we’ve discovered, need pest control services that travel to their neck of the woods! We love heading out of the busy city to a quieter, more manageable pace of life for a day to help keep this special area free from pest problems.

Montavilla – With a number of places to eat and learn, what else do you need? A campus of PCC is here too, so you can start up on that degree or certificate you’ve always wanted to do.

Woodstock – Contrary to the popular event on the other side of the country, Woodstock OR is a pretty tame Portland neighborhood. But maybe that’s not the case after you emerge from the Woodstock mystery hole–if you can find it!