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Flea Removal Portland

Flea Removal

Flea Removal Portland

Fleas infestations are often large and can be located in your carpets, crawlspaces, around your yard, and around your furniture. Fleas can be brought into a home on shoes or on pets. Even pets who don’t leave home can pick up infestations from mice, squirrels and other animals found in yards. Fleas carry some diseases and can cause tapeworms in cats, dogs, and humans if eaten. For expert flea removal in Portland, contact The Killers today!

Fleas have an incredibly short gestation period. They are fully mature from between 8 to 36 days, and adult flea females begin laying eggs 48 hours from their first feeding. That means that a flea infestation can quickly spiral out of control without professional flea removal in Portland. The sooner you call us for flea removal, the better. Pets are significantly more likely to get fleas in summer but can live throughout the year under the right circumstances. It is imperative you get professional help for flea removal at the earliest possible time.

Signs of Fleas

One of the easiest ways to determine a flea infestation is by watching your pets. Pets that obsessively scratch more than necessary may have fleas. An inspection my reveal live fleas, a loss of hair, or red skin. The most commonly infested areas are the neck and head areas of a cat and a dog’s hindquarters. Using a flea comb on your pets will help locate fleas, even in thick fur.

During a flea infestation, humans will frequently get a bit as well. Cat fleas that are forced to migrate from their host due to treatment or lack of food will often bite the lower legs of humans. This can leave itchy round red welts. Though there are two types of fleas, cat fleas are most commonly seen on both dogs and cats in the Northwest.

Flea Removal Treatments

It’s very important to also treat your pets when we come out to do a flea treatment in Portland for you. You will also need to vacuum all carpeted areas and throw the vacuum bag away in a tightly sealed plastic garbage bag or clean out your vacuum if it’s bagless. When we treat, the spray will include two different products. One is a product that kills the adults and the other is a growth regulator that disrupts the life cycle, improving the success rate of your flea removal treatment.

Flea Removal Guarantee

Flea Removal Portland

Flea removal comes with a one year guarantee. If heavily infested it may require a follow-up service in 12ā€14 days. Our experienced flea removal technicians will be able to determine that for you.

For efficient, professional, and total flea removal in Portland, call (503) 777-3141 or Contact Us today. We’re also available when you need pest control in Newport, Salem, Vancouver, Beaverton, and many other locations!

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