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Dealing With Carpenter Ants

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It is Not Uncommon to have Boxelder Bugs in your Beaverton Home Carpenter ants are some of the most common pests that homeowners in the Pacific Northwest will have to deal with. Like other wood eating pests, such as termites, carpenter ants will search out wood, chew through it, and set up nests wherever they […]

Risks Of A Pest Invasion

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Why Pest Control Services in Portland are in High Demand A pest invasion is at best a nuisance and at worst a serious situation that calls for immediate help. Pests come in many different shapes and forms, including insects like ants and termites, and rodents such as mice and rats. There are also spiders to […]

The Best Ways To Prevent Carpet Beetles

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Removing Carpet Beetles in Portland can seem Impossible Carpet beetles, when left unnoticed or untreated, can multiply very quickly and cause irreparable damage to clothing, wool carpets, rugs, upholstery, and other household fabrics. If you notice carpet beetles latching themselves onto your fabrics and causing problems throughout the house, you will want to hire a […]

The Facts On Box Elder Bugs

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It May be Time to Hire a Boxelder Bug Removal Expert in Portland Box elder bugs are a common pest in the Pacific Northwest and can be a very annoying one at that. While it is unlikely that box elder bugs will cause any damage in or around your home, their large numbers can still […]

The Best Methods For Dealing With An Ant Invasion

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Tips to Remove Ants from Your Portland Home An ant invasion is a serious problem for many homeowners in the Pacific Northwest. Ants are very common pests, especially during the summer months when they have more friendly weather to go out in, so having a plan ready to deal with them is a good idea. […]

How To Prevent Wood Beetle Infestation

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Precautionary Steps to Remove and Keep Wood Beetles out of your Home Wood beetles are very common in wood piles and other areas where wood is present. You can tell a wood beetle infestation has occurred from the evidence of small 1/8th inch holes all over the wooded area of infestation. It is very common […]

Preventing Rodents From Entering Your Home

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Removing Rodents and Preventing an Invasion in your Portland Home A rodent invasion is very difficult to deal with if you are not prepared. Many times, they go undetected until serious and severe damage has already been done. They can also infect your food supply, forcing you to throw out a lot of the food […]

The Common Types Of Rodents

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Rodents that are often Removed from Portland Homes Rodents are some of the most common pests to invade homes in the area. The can get in through walls and other openings in the home, especially if holes are already present in the home. They can chew through sheetrock and wiring, causing expensive damage that can […]


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