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Termites And How To Deal With Them

You’ve just discovered termites in your home. Don’t panic! Knowing the enemy is half the battle.

In this guide, we’ll help you identify signs of a termite infestation, teach you how to control existing termites and share preventive measures. We’ll also explore the professional options available to you.

Let’s arm you with the knowledge and tools to reclaim your home from these wood-destroying pests with termite control!

Signs of a Termite Infestation

Termite Control Near Me Aloha

If you’re spotting small, white ants around your house, that’s a clear sign you’re dealing with a termite infestation. These destructive pests can cause serious structural damage if not addressed promptly.

Besides their physical appearance, another telltale sign is the presence of mud tubes, which termites use as highways from their colony to your home. You may also notice discarded wings, a sign of termite swarming, which typically occurs during warmer months. Hollow-sounding timber when you tap on it, or visibly damaged wood, is another red flag.

It’s crucial to take immediate action. Call in a pest control professional who can accurately diagnose the severity of the infestation and recommend the most effective treatment plan.

How to Control Existing Termites

To take control of an existing termite problem, you’ve got several effective options.

You can set traps, use termite-specific insecticides, or install termite baits around your property.

Additionally, treating wood surfaces with certain chemicals can make them less appealing to these destructive pests.


You’re setting out termite traps to control the existing population in your home effectively. You’ve taken this crucial step after noticing the silent destroyers gnawing at your peace of mind and property. But simply setting the traps isn’t enough.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Identify the Species: Different termite species have different behaviors. Knowing this can help you place the traps effectively.

2. Choose the Right Trap: Not all traps are created equal. Some are more effective for certain species than others.

3. Proper Placement: Termites follow a pattern. Observe their trail and place the traps accordingly.

4. Monitor Regularly: Checking the traps regularly ensures you’re catching the colony before it grows.

Termite Insecticide

Spray your home with a good termite insecticide, but remember, it’s important to also keep up with your traps for comprehensive termite control treatment. Choose a product that’s specifically designed to kill termites and disrupt their colonies. It’s essential you don’t just spray haphazardly; focus on key areas like your home’s foundation and any wood structures.

Don’t forget to reapply the insecticide periodically, as its effectiveness can diminish over time. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results. Safety should be your priority, so wear protective gear and keep pets and children away during application.

If you’re dealing with a severe infestation, it’s wise to call a professional. They have the expertise and equipment to handle large-scale termite problems efficiently.

Termite Baits

In dealing with existing termite infestations, it’s crucial that you understand how termite baits work. These are designed to eliminate entire colonies by exploiting the termites’ social behaviors.

You should appreciate the following:

1. Bait Stations: These are strategically placed around your property. The termites are drawn to the bait and share it with the rest of the colony.

2. Slow-Acting Poison: The poison doesn’t kill immediately. This ensures it reaches the queen, wiping out the whole colony.

3. Monitoring: Regular inspections are required to check bait stations, ensuring they’re working as expected.

4. Patience: The process takes time, but it’s worth it for the long-term security of your home.

Wood Treatments

Wood treatments can provide a protective barrier for your home, but they aren’t a quick fix for existing termite problems. They’re a preventive measure, hindering the termites’ ability to digest cellulose in wood, eventually causing their death. You’ll need to ensure the application covers all wooden structures, as untreated areas can still be vulnerable.

However, remember the treatment doesn’t penetrate the entire piece of wood, so termites can still tunnel into treated wood. It’s important to combine treatments with regular inspections and an integrated pest management strategy.

While wood treatments can be a beneficial step, they’re not foolproof. Don’t rely solely on them. You should also consider other options like termite baits, soil treatments, or professional pest control services for comprehensive protection against these destructive insects.

Preventive Measures Against Termites

You’ll find that there are several effective strategies to prevent termite infestations in your home. It’s crucial to be proactive, as these tiny insects can cause significant damage, leaving you with costly repairs.

Here are four crucial steps to consider:

1. Regular Inspections: Look for signs of termites, like droppings or damaged wood. Early detection can save your home from severe damage.

2. Keep Wood Away: Termites love wood. Store firewood or lumber away from your house to avoid attracting them.

3. Moisture Control: Termites thrive in damp environments. Ensure your home is well-ventilated and fix leaks promptly.

4. Professional Help: If you suspect an infestation, don’t hesitate to call a professional exterminator.

Professional Termite Treatment Options from The Killers Pest Control

Choosing from The Killers Pest Control‘s range of professional termite treatment options can be your best bet for eliminating a termite infestation quickly and effectively. The Western Subterranean Termite and the Dampwood Termite are the main culprits in the Oregon area, wreaking havoc in crawlspaces and garages. Don’t let them compromise your home’s foundation.

The Killers’ guaranteed extermination services offer a variety of treatment plans tailored to your specific situation. Remember, termites are swift, and the damage they cause can escalate rapidly. Regular inspections are vital, but when they reveal an infestation, you’ll need immediate, professional intervention. Trust in The Killers Pest Control to deliver prompt, efficient termite extermination.

It’s not just about killing termites; it’s about protecting your home. Contact us today for excellent customer service.

Visit our About Us page for more information about our pest control company.

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Termites And How To Deal With Them

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