Termites And How To Deal With Them

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Controlling Termites in Portland

Termites can invade through numerous areas.

Termites can invade through numerous areas.

Termites are one of the more frightening pests to come across. They love wood, especially damp wood, and will eat away at it to their little heart’s content. This means severe damage can be done to your home and surrounding property if you take no action against them. Plus, the things are rather ugly, making them even more frightening. If you have termites, or the threat of termites, in your home or property, there are several steps you can take to get rid of them. If you can’t seem to deal with it, hire a termite control company in Portland   to help you with the process.


Traps are one of the more common ways for dealing with termites. You can set up a spot trap by wetting two pieces of cardboard and sticking together, then leaving them in an area where there is an infestation. Termites are attracted to the cellulose in the cardboard and will come flocking for it. Once the trap has filled with termites, you can remove it and take it out to be burned. You can repeat this method any number of times to keep the termites at bay.

Beneficial Nematodes

Beneficial nematodes are little worm creatures who naturally feed on termites and their larvae. You can get them from your local gardening store or even online, and they should be used as soon as you get them. They burrow into the soil where your termites are being housed and do away with them over a little bit of time. You will want to plant them in the early morning or after the sun sets, as the heat and light from the sun can and will damage them.

Expose the Infected Item to the Sun

If it isn’t your entire house that is infected, but rather a piece of furniture or other removable item, you can take it outside and expose it to the sun’s rays. Termites thrive in darkness, and the heat and light from the sun will eventually kill them. Pair this method with the spot trap for even better results. You will want to leave the item out in the sun for at least two to three days to ensure all of the termites have been eliminated.


If you do not have the luxury of sunlight, freezing the termites to death is another solution. Place your furniture item in a large freezer for two to three days and guarantee the death of the termites living inside. You can freeze your furniture in parts if the item is too large all put together. Freezing works even better than the sunlight method, though it can get tricky with larger pieces.

If none of the above methods seems to be doing the trick, you will want to hire a professional exterminator to come help you out before more severe damage can be done. The exterminator will have more methods for dealing with the issue and will help you get rid of your insect problem.



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