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Cockroach Removal Wilsonville

Have you seen the signs of a cockroach infestation?

Detecting a cockroach infestation can require a little sleuthing. Even if you don’t see one, you may spot droppings. These typically look like pepper or coffee grounds. Egg casings are long and brown, typically found in tightly protected spots. Roaches also smell bad and are often described as musty. For every roach you see, it’s been said there are 800 you don’t. Don’t let roaches have the run of your property. Call on The Killers for the best cockroach removal in Wilsonville.

Cockroaches track salmonella, gastroenteritis, and other illness-causing bacteria onto foods.

Don’t let your infestation cause ongoing health issues! Call us now for relief!.
Cockroach Removal Wilsonville

Cockroaches are survivors. Blanket treatments from your hardware store just aren’t effective. A fogger looks like it covers everything, but it sprays up and comes back down. That means a roach underneath an overhang, appliance, or other covered area is protected. Other store-bought options trust you to know where and how to apply them. If you aren’t sure where the roach infestation came from in the first place, are you ready to treat it yourself?

We combine careful monitoring with spray treatments and bait stations. We only hire certified technicians. They are trained to identify cockroaches based on visual appearance as well as other means. We don’t have to see them in order to determine which type of cockroach you have. Roaches like darkness, warmth, and a ready food source. Eliminating these should always be your first step for roach reduction.

We begin each extermination process with a full property inspection.

Our pest inspectors identify nesting areas and track cockroach movement. Careful trap placement helps us know where they are migrating and where to focus treatment efforts. After the initial inspection, we always consult with you before moving forward. Treatments don’t start without your approval.

Cockroach treatments may include:

  • Spraying baseboards
  • Spraying cabinets
  • Injecting lower soffits of cabinets
  • Spraying under and around appliances
  • Placing bait stations
  • Placing monitoring stations
  • Follow up treatments
  • Restaurant quality termite control
Cockroach Removal Wilsonville

Is your roach removal guaranteed?

Our cockroach removal services are guaranteed for an entire year. We can offer this because we have total confidence in our roach extermination program. Every program is unique. We tailor our services to your property. Businesses, homes, and particularly restaurants all require different methods. Our exterminators are roach experts. They know when, where, and how to best apply commercial grade roach treatments for success. Don’t wish your Wilsonville cockroach infestation will go away—get it guaranteed.

Contact us for your free pest inspection.

Your initial inspection is free. This lets our technicians identify problematic areas and see the full scope of the problem. We pride ourselves on helping local residents. That’s why we’ll point out practical solutions you can do even if you don’t move forward with our services. Get more from your pest removal company. Call or contact The Killers today.

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