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Cockroach Removal Lincoln City

Is your home experiencing a cockroach infestation?

Cockroaches are dangerous pests. They breed quickly and even a dead cockroach can cause health problems. When they decompose their protective armor turns into a fine powder. This is a known allergen and can even cause allergies in young children who do not have them. You and your family deserve the best roach protection. Take back your house with a call to The Killers for the best cockroach removal in Lincoln City.

What is the best way to kill cockroaches?

Cockroach Removal Lincoln City

Cockroaches are resilient. You may be tempted by over the counter products, but you will be disappointed in the results. Foggers are splashy but ineffective. They can’t reach the deeper areas roaches hide and only treat surface areas. These products depend on your personal knowledge as well. If you aren’t sure why you have a roach infestation, are you equipped to treat it?

We use a combination of treatments. These may include sprays, bait stations, and extensive monitoring.[ All of our cockroach exterminators are certified. In-depth training gives us the knowledge to combat both native and non-native species. We know where they hide, what they feed on, and which conditions they nest in. A great first step for any homeowner is to identify and eliminate these areas.

The first step in cockroach extermination? A complete inspection.

An inspection is crucial. A cockroach inspection of your Lincoln City home allows our technicians to identify nesting areas and establish a baseline. Tracking roach reductions and relocations allow us to provide adaptive treatments and eliminate your infestation in its entirety.

Cockroach treatments may include:

  • Spraying baseboards
  • Spraying cabinets
  • Injecting lower soffits of cabinets
  • Spraying under and around appliances
  • Placing bait stations
  • Placing monitoring stations
  • Follow up treatments
  • Restaurant quality termite control
Cockroach Removal Lincoln City

Is your cockroach removal guaranteed?

We guarantee our cockroach removal for a full year. We know how effective our extermination program is. That’s because we tailor it to your property. There is no one-size fits all option. Our exterminators are experts and effectively remove cockroaches in businesses and homes. Decades of local experience in Lincoln City means you don’t have to hope your roach treatment will work—we guarantee it will.

Contact us for a free pest inspection today!

Every client receives a free initial inspection. We will identify the scope of your infestation and other problem areas. Our inspectors are friendly and helpful. Even if you don’t decide to move forward, we will point out problem areas and offer common-sense solutions. Get more from your pest removal. Call or contact The Killers now.

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