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Termite Inspection Vancouver WA

Need a termite inspection in Vancouver WA?

Termite Inspection Vancouver WA

Termites can cause a significant amount of damage to your property. And oftentimes, that damage isn’t covered by your insurance policy. This is because homeowners insurance was created to assist owners in case of unavoidable catastrophe. Most insurance companies consider termites to be preventable so don’t insure your home against termites–even if you did everything right. So if you suspect termites managed to infiltrate your home, don’t wait! Call The Killers to inspect your home for termites in Vancouver WA today. We’ll find them wherever they’re hiding and send them out packing!

What are some signs of termites? Sagging floors can be a problem in your home for many reasons. But did you know that termites can cause this too? If you’re dealing with subterranean termites–termites that live underground–you might not see any termites until they’ve already done some damage. Once they’ve reached the surface of the wood, you might see small holes start to appear. And if you see a group of them, you should call a qualified pest company right away

Are all termites the same?

The name “termite” doesn’t apply to one species; there are more than 40 species in the United States alone! In the Pacific Northwest, they generally fall into two subgroups, with one being much more prevalent than the other.

Drywood Termites

  • Drywood Termites like dry wood and stick to low-moisture wood. While not especially common in the Vancouver WA area, Drywood Termites can get into your home from old wooden furniture or other similar methods. Often they are brought into the home from elsewhere.

Subterranean Termites

  • Subterranean Termites go for a damper wood, meaning they’re frequently found in this rainy region. Unfortunately, they’re also the ones that are more difficult to find. This is because they usually come from below ground and burrow into wood from beneath. Pay special attention to buckled or swollen floors!
Be careful when buying and selling a home! Always get an inspection done before buying and selling a home that will also check for termites. This can affect the sale price, and you don’t want a termite infestation no matter which side of the home buying process you’re on. If a home inspection suspects termites, let us come by to confirm and take care of it if we find a problem.

What termite treatment do you do? Termite Inspection Vancouver WA

If our termite inspection finds termites on your property, we do whatever it takes to make sure they stay away. The sooner we act, the more likely we can stop the colony from spreading. Some of our methods include:

  • Termite baiting to destroy entire colonies from the inside.
  • Powerful Sentricon that termites prefer over any natural food
  • We guarantee our termite control so you can be sure we’ll take care of them!

Another control option we can provide is the Sentricon Always Active Baiting System. Termites actually prefer to go for the Always Active bait more than wood, which helps keep the colony controlled and keep your home safe for the future. Sentricon Systems are a great option when you want reliable service for all of your home’s termite problems.

Choose us for termite control and much more!

If you have the signs of termites, don’t ignore it! Catching them quickly is the best way to minimize damages before they become costly. Simply give us a call or contact us to set up an appointment at a time that works for you. We can schedule a termite inspection in Vancouver WA as soon as today!

We provide our pest control services in a variety of other locations. When you need pest control in Lake Oswego, Gresham, Lincoln City, Newport, Wilsonville, or anywhere in between we are here to help!

The Killers also offers Termite Inspection services in: Newport ORPortland, Beaverton, and more!