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Termite Baiting Vancouver WA

Does Termite Bait Work?

Termite Baiting Vancouver Wa

Termites can be difficult to detect and exterminate. One of the best tools for both is the professional termite baiting system Vancouver WA deserves from the experts they trust. At The Killers we know how to place the different bait stations in order to get results. When used in tandem with additional methods, bait stations are an excellent way to weaken or eliminate a colony. They can also act as a deterrent and early detection system for future infestations.

What is termite baiting?

Vancouver WA termite baiting involves the careful placement of bait stations within your property, around it, and beneath it. These are effective against the Northwest’s most common termite species, the subterranean termite. Our termite inspectors place stations based on your infestation size, activity, termite species, and much more. These stations contain wood cartridges for detecting activity, or treated bait the termite will carry back to the heart of the colony.

  • Inspection cartridge/wood: These are placed at regular intervals and checked frequently. They are one of the best ways to determine the movements and range of termites during an infestation.
  • Toxicant bait: Treated bait is poisonous. Termites will take it as a food source back to the colony, poisoning it from within.

If termites haven’t gained a permanent foothold, stations may provide enough of a deterrent to stop a problem before it starts.

Get professional termite baiting for the best results.

Termite Baiting Vancouver Wa

Every termite baiting begins with a thorough inspection. The termite baiting that Vancouver WA exterminators use must follow a number of procedures. We use extensive training and experience to identify termite activity above and below ground, inside and outside your property. Intelligent placement of stations gets the best results.

There is no substance that attracts termites. A termite attractant does not exist. That’s why bait placement is so important. If they aren’t properly staggered it can greatly reduce the chance of the trap being located. If termites don’t find them, they won’t be effective.

Termite baiting in Vancouver WA and so much more.

Termite baiting that Vancouver WA households depend on is just the beginning. We perform free pest inspections and integrated termite control to deliver exceptional results. Baiting is just one of the tools we use when customizing a control plan.

Every property is unique. That makes every infestation unique as well. Our pest control plans are created specifically for your home or business. Pest eradication is only possible when tools are used in tandem and every angle is considered. Our technicians have been eliminating termites in Vancouver WA since we first opened our doors in 1982. We adapt as methods change, providing our customers with the best in current termite eradicating solutions.

Another control option we can provide is the Sentricon Always Active Baiting System. Termites actually prefer to go for the Always Active bait more than wood, which helps keep the colony controlled and keep your home safe for the future. Sentricon Systems are a great option when you want reliable service for all of your home’s termite problems.

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Don’t let termites have their way with your building. Termite baiting in Vancouver WA can strike at the heart of an infestation. When conditions allow, it may even begin a complete colony collapse. For a free inspection from a trusted local technician, call (503) 777-3141 or contact us today!

We provide our pest control services in a variety of other locations. When you need an exterminator in Canby, Salem, Portland, Newport, Wilsonville, or anywhere in between we are here to help!

The Killers also offers Termite Baiting services in: Portland, Salem, Lincoln City, and more!