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Wood Beetle Pest Removal Portland

Exterminating Wood Beetles Wood Beetle Removal Portland

Wood beetles can be difficult to detect. Depending on the species, they leave varying whole sizes and spend anywhere from months to years growing and feeding on everyday items they live in. Though we can’t prevent damage that has already occurred, wood beetle removal services in Portland from The Killers can destroy the population and prevent further damage.  

Wood Beetle Signs and Symptoms

The most common wood beetle we deal with is the powder post beetle. It’s easy to notice powder post beetle evidence by the small 1/8th” holes all over the wood that it’s investing. Most times homeowners will never see an adult powder post beetle, they will only see the holes and the very fine sawdust coming out of the holes. Powder post beetle larva can do major structural damage because they can be in the wood for many years before they exit as an adult and leave holes.

Wood beetle removal in Portland is often required to prevent further damage to a number of items. These insects frequently inhabit furniture, books, gun stocks, tools and handles, flooring, structural timber, and bamboo. Active infestations require wood beetle treatment. Good indications of activity are piles of fine, flour-like, wood borings called frass near holes and below the floor. Larvae also make a ticking noise. Fresh frass has a distinct color like new wood. Live adults or larvae are a clear indication of an active infestation. Our technicians can determine if yours is active, and perform wood beetle removal in Portland if it is. Keeping moisture levels down and having a vapor barrier installed under your home is very important to help stop the environment from being beneficial to powder post beetles.

Wood Beetle Removal Treatments & Extermination

Wood Beetle Removal Portland

Homeowners only have a couple of options when it comes to treating for powder post beetles. The first is total tent fumigation which can be very costly but sometimes is the only option. The second is to get access to all the affected wood and apply a penetrating borate spray like Boracare to all the wood and the surrounding wood. It is important to treat a large area around the infested area because the larva could be in other areas. If evidence is located in a crawlspace, we will recommend that the whole crawlspace is treated to make sure no other powder post beetles are present.

Wood Beetle Removal Guarantee

Powder post beetle removal services come with either a one year or a ten-year guarantee. This depends on the chosen removal level based on the severity of the infestation. For exceptional, total wood beetle removal in Portland call (503) 777-3141 or Contact Us today. We provide our pest control services to a variety of locations. When you need rodent removal in Beaverton, bed bug treatment in Gresham, or termite control in Salem we’re here to help!

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