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Wood Beetle Removal Beaverton

Removing Wood Beetles

Wood Beetle Removal Beaverton

Wood beetles live, predictably, in wood. They bore holes into their living spaces which then creates expensive damage to homes and business. In addition to building materials, wood beetles also cause damage to furniture, any type of wood handles—such tool handles—flooring, books, and much more. They can eat away at most types of wood, including bamboo. Don’t wait until the damage gets worse, call The Killers for exterminating wood beetle in Beaverton today.

What are the signs of a wood beetle infestation?

Wood beetles stay deep within the wood they inhabit, so you are not likely to see the actual insects. The best way to identify a problem is the evidence they leave behind. You will notice a series of holes they create. These holes are 1/8″ and often have a fine wood dust coming out of them. Wood beetle larvae also make a ticking sound that can sometimes be heard outside of their wood home.

Unfortunately, wood beetle larvae live inside wood for many years before exiting and leaving the evidence of a visible hole on the surface of the wood. By that time, the damage inside the wood is extensive.

Wood beetles prefer damp wood and often enter a house or building from the spaces closest to the ground. For these reasons, having a vapor barrier installed in the crawl space is a good preventative measure in avoiding an infestation.

Comprehensive Wood Beetle Removal in Beaverton

Our professional exterminators are experienced at identifying wood beetles, even when they are still deep within the interior of their nest. We inspect the crawl space and other areas inside and outside of your home or office to determine the size of the infestation.

Wood Beetle Removal Beaverton

If an infestation is pervasive throughout a structure, having the building tented and fumigated may be the only option for complete removal. Otherwise, spraying the infected wood and a wide radius around it can control a smaller outbreak. If a wood beetle infestation is found in the crawl space, we recommend a complete treatment of the area to ensure there is no re-entry.

Our wood beetle removal in Beaverton comes with a one-year or ten-year guarantee depending on the severity of the infestation and the type of treatment you select. We are committed to keeping your wood beetle problem under control as we understand the extensive damage these insects can wreak on building materials.

As a locally-owned company, we are committed to delivering excellent service to our Beaverton community. That is why we back our work with the best warranties in the area. Call us with any questions you have. We are love putting our more than 3 decades of experience to work.

Contact us today for an inspection of your home and a guaranteed wood beetle removal in Beaverton or the surrounding cities. Don’t wait to see if the problem gets worse!

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