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Different Pests And What You Can Do To Avoid Them

Tips and Tricks To Avoid Pests

If you have a pest problem, you understand how incredibly hard it can be to get your home pest-free without the help of an expert pest control service. Pests can get into just about anything and make their nests in places you never go, making it hard to track them down once they have taken up residence. If you develop a pest issue, no matter the type of bug, you will want to get in touch with a service that specializes in pest control Vancouver WA.

There are several things you can do around your home to prevent and repel pests from residing in your property. These few tips and tricks can help in between visits from The Killers Pest Control team. The very first thing you want to do is fix any leaks or areas with excessive moisture in your house. Pests and rodents are constantly on the lookout for reliable water sources, so making certain you are not offering any can go a long way in preventing a suitable habitat for pests.

Tidy up Leftovers

Make sure any dirty dishes aren’t left out around the house, and never ever leave food uncovered for long periods of time. You will also want to ensure your pets food supply is correctly sealed and in an area that pests can not get to. You can even put your dry foods in glass or plastic containers to ensure no insects can get into them.

One of the other fundamental bug control techniques is to seal any cracks or openings in your walls, doors, and windows. Insects can get in through these openings, and once they are in, they can be very challenging to get rid of. Talk to a bug control expert so you know the most effective approach for sealing your home.

Pest Rankings

Is there actually a pest that is worst than all the others? It depends on the situation and ALL pests can lead to genuine problems. Most people despise one insect or critter more than others. Some people are bothered by roaches, some will leap at the sight of mice or rats, while others will not sleep if a single ant is in their home.
Here are a few pests and examples of the different problems they pose.

Home Damage
For lots of house owners, the greatest measure of how bad a bug is – is how destructive it is. While every pest that left to run amok can trigger real damage to a home, some may do damage quicker, or completely.
Annoyance Level
Like fear, some bugs have a propensity for everyday interruption that others might not.
Worry Aspect
There’s also the “disgusting” aspect some bugs bring. As it ends up, a few of the most harmful pests do not bring on a visceral worry like some of the others. But that doesn’t mean it’s inadequate for some house owners to do everything they can to get them out.

Utilizing the metrics above, we’ll cover 3 pests to see if we can rank which if one is worse to have in your house.


House Damage: 5
Inconvenience: 7
Worry Aspect: 9

Mice Control In Vancouver

For many people mice are one of the last things they want in their house. They leave droppings, they eat your food, and in some cases, they may bring diseases.

On our scale of 10, we ranked mice as a 5 on the home damage scale based upon the fact that most of their damage is not permanent.

They can be frustrating, especially when they start getting in your pantry and raiding your food. Not to mention the waste they leave behind is not enjoyable to clean up.

Compared to the amount of damage they do mice produce a high level of fear in many house owners.


Home Damage: 3
Inconvenience: 9
Worry Factor: 1

If there’s one pest that is more irritating than most others, it’s ants. Usually, their too little to cause any measurable damage compared to other insects, and most people would not describe ants as startling like they would other insects.

Where ants actually stand out as a genuine bug, is that they never, ever want to go away no matter the number that get smashed beneath napkins. It can be tricky to identify where they come from, or when exactly they like to go home. And if they get into your food? That’s when things can really get out of hand.


Home Damage: 10
Annoyance: 9
Fear Factor: 5

To pest control specialists, property owners, and practically any person – if there’s one pest you don’t want to find out has been residing in your house, it’s termites.

The damage an uncontrolled termite colony can do is not to be ignored. There are few other pests that can cause the level of serious, permanent damage to a home that termites can.

As the majority of people understand, termites consume wood – including the wood that constitutes a home’s frame or its foundation. Which implies if they go unnoticed, termites can cause enough permanent damage that would take tens of thousands of dollars to repair.

Very few insects can make the claim to house destruction that termites can. Make a call to a bug control expert today if you suspect termites or any other bug has made its way to your house.

Vancouver’s Choice For Pest Control

No matter what kind of pests you have crawling, buzzing or chewing through your home you can count on The Killers Pest Control team to quickly and effectively rid your home of all unwelcome residents. Our technicians are trained and experienced to handle all types of pests and all levels of severity. Don’t wait any longer and let those critters wreak havoc in your residence. Call the professionals that Vancouver residents rely on year after year to keep their homes and businesses pest-free! With regular pest control services you will never have to worry about another unwelcome visitor, until the holidays that is. Call The Killers Pest Control today and let us help you!

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Different Pests And What You Can Do To Avoid Them

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