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How to Prevent Rodents From Entering Your Home

Rodents, such as rats and mice, are one of the most common pests in the PNW. They can enter your home through very small openings and quickly make themselves at home. Once inside, they will begin to nest and reproduce, and before long, you could have a serious rodent infestation on your hands. Rodents can cause a great deal of damage to your home, gnawing on electrical wires and insulation, which can create a fire hazard. They also contaminate food and surfaces with their urine and droppings, which can spread bacteria and diseases. To protect your home and family from these pests, it is important to take steps to prevent them from getting inside in the first place. How? Below are a few tips on preventing a rodent infestation, signs to look out for, and when you should contact your local pest control professionals for rodent removal services.

1. Seal All Openings.

One of the most important things you can do to keep rodents out of your home is to seal all potential entry points. Mice and rats can squeeze through extremely small spaces, so it’s important to check for gaps around doors and windows, as well as in the foundation and roof. If you find any openings, seal them with caulk, steel wool, weather stripping, or hardware cloth.

2. Seal All Food Items.

One of the most important things you can do to prevent rodents from entering your home is to seal all food items. This includes everything from cereal and crackers to jars of peanut butter and boxes of pasta. Rodents are attracted to the smell of food, so by sealing up any potential sources of food, you can help to keep them out. Additionally, it’s important to regularly clean up any spills or crumbs that may occur. Even a small amount of food can attract rodents and other unwanted pests, so it’s important to be diligent in your efforts to keep your home clean and free of food sources.

3. Remove Clutter.

Mice and rats are attracted to areas of clutter because it provides them with plenty of convenient hiding spots. This is especially true in parts of the home that don’t serve as primary living space, such as basements, attics, sheds, and garages. Some quick tidying here and there can make these areas less inviting for these pests. Where should you start? Start by clearing out stacks of old files, laundry, and boxes. Make sure your stored items are organized and elevated off the ground. By taking some simple steps to tidy up your home, you can discourage mice and rats from taking up residence.

4. Maintain Your Landscaping.

A well-maintained landscape is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it can also help to keep rodent populations in check. Rodents are attracted to areas with dense vegetation, as the cover provides them with a safe place to hide from predators. By trimming back overgrown plants and removing debris, you can make your property less inviting to rodents. In addition, keeping your lawn neatly mowed will eliminate potential nesting sites. Regularly inspecting your property for signs of rodent activity can also help to prevent an infestation. By taking these simple precautions, you can help to keep rodents at bay and maintain a beautiful landscape.

What is the best way to deal with a rodent problem?Rodent Control Vancouver

Homeowners should take rodents seriously and contact a professional exterminator when they see any type of rodent activity. Excluding mice, rats, and other rodents is a difficult process that often requires baiting, trapping, and sealing all potential entry points into the home. A homeowner is unlikely to successfully remove all the rodents on their own and will only end up with a bigger problem. If not dealt with quickly and correctly, rodents can cause extensive damage to the home by chewing through wires, drywall, and insulation. They can also contaminate food sources and spread diseases. Contacting a pest control company as soon as possible is the best way to deal with a rodent problem.

What are some signs of a rodent infestation?

There are several signs that may indicate a rodent infestation. One is the presence of droppings. Rodents tend to leave behind small, dark pellets, which can be found in areas where they have been active. Another sign is gnawing marks. Because rodents have incisor teeth that grow continuously, they must gnaw on hard surfaces to keep them at a manageable length. As a result, gnaw marks may be found on food packaging, furniture, or other objects in the home. Finally, one may also be able to hear rodents scurrying about, especially at night, because they are nocturnal creatures. If any of these signs are present, it is possible that there is a rodent infestation, and professional help should be sought out.

Your Local Pest Control Professionals

At The Killers Pest Control, we understand that a rodent problem can be a serious nuisance. That’s why we have a team of professional rodent removal experts who are dedicated to getting rid of rodents for good. Our experts know exactly where to look to identify a rodent problem, and they are able to determine the size of the problem and develop a specific removal plan designed for your needs. We use multiple forms of treatment to get at the heart of your rodent problem and ensure they are gone for good. This includes spraying, traps, and baiting. We have a unique baiting system that is the most comprehensive way to handle rodent removal. So if you’re looking for a team that can get rid of your rodent problem once and for all, look no further than The Killers Pest Control. Contact us today for a free inspection!

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How to Prevent Rodents From Entering Your Home

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