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Problems Termites Could Cause

In Portland Termite Control is in High Demand

Termites are another of the more common pests that many homeowners in the Pacific Northwest will eventually have to deal with if they own a home for a long enough time. Termites target areas with a lot of wood, as they like to set up their colonies and nests deep within wooded areas for protection and food supply. They also love areas with moisture, as that will give them a consistent, reliable water source. Water is one of the most important things to a termite, so having access to it is good for them. If you have a termite invasion or suspect that you might contact an exterminator who offers termite control in Salem and get the help you need to get rid of them. Termites can cause a lot of damage to your home.

Structural Damage

The main problem with termites is all the damage they may be causing. Structural damage is the most severe and the most detrimental type, and you need to be aware of the termites before they are allowed to cause significant problems with your home. Structural damage could include eating through your wood furniture, eating through the frame of your home, or eating through the foundations. All of these problems will cost you significant amounts of money in repairs and replacements, so getting rid of the termites as quickly as you can is always the best bet.


One aspect of a termite invasion you may not think about very much is that termites can carry diseases that would have effects on you and your family. These diseases can come in a few different types, but they usually happen when termites bite a person or get into the food supply and infect it in some way. You do not want yourself or your family members to fall ill because of a termite invasion, so getting rid of them should take top priority.

Food Supplies

Termites can not only destroy all of your things that are made of wood, but can also infect your food supply to the point that you will need to throw things out and waste a lot of food. If you do nothing about the invasion, they will continue to affect your food and cost you a lot of money in food bills. Get rid of the termites, or have an exterminator help you get rid of them, and you won’t have to worry about wasting significant amounts of food all the time.

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Problems Termites Could Cause

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