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Dealing With Carpenter Ants

It is Not Uncommon to have Boxelder Bugs in your Beaverton Home

Carpenter ants are some of the most common pests that homeowners in the Pacific Northwest will have to deal with. Like other wood eating pests, such as termites, carpenter ants will search out wood, chew through it, and set up nests wherever they can get the required resources they need. As long as there is a reliable water source and a steady source of food, carpenter ants will be hesitant to leave. Finding shelter for their colonies is a major chore, so once they have a spot, they are difficult to get rid of. If you have a colony or more of carpenter ants in your home, contact an exterminator who offers Boxelder Bug Removal Beaverton to help you get rid of them. You can also take your own steps to clearing your home of carpenter ants.


Carpenter ants are drawn to areas that will offer them the resources they need to survive. For this reason, they target many homes that have leaks in the roof or in crawl spaces, as excessive moisture will build up and give them a reliable water source for a long time. This moisture may also be present in your cupboards and below your sinks. You need to be constantly aware of any leaks or other issues that result in excessive moisture for your home. Moisture can also lead to mold and mildew growth, so getting rid of it should be a top priority.

Wood Piles

Carpenter ants will chew through wood with ease, and will target areas that offer a lot of wood for their nests and colonies. For this reason, it is a good idea to keep wood piles and other wooded areas a safe distance away from your house itself. If wood piles are close by, or even inside, carpenter ants will be able to transfer to your home with ease. If a wood pile is a safe distance away, they will find it much more difficult to get to your house. If your property is too small to put the wood pile a good distance away, make sure it is raised on a small platform so ants will have a little more trouble getting to it.

Be Diligent

You need to constantly be on the lookout for carpenter ants, as they are quiet, private creatures that will generally stay out of sight if they can help it. Like many pests, if you see one or even a couple carpenter ants, there is a good chance that a colony has already invaded your home. Stay diligent and try to check every nook and cranny of the house every once in a while to ensure you do not get a pest invasion.

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Dealing With Carpenter Ants

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