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Termite Baiting Lincoln City

Baiting Termites

Termite Baiting Lincoln City

One of the best ways to increase the likelihood of termite colony elimination is with baiting. The best Termite baiting that Lincoln City homes benefit from is carried out by extermination professionals. Bait stations come in a wide variety, and we know right where to put them to achieve the best results. As part of a larger termite elimination effort, it can be a great way to weaken or even eliminate a colony. At The Killers, we specialize in using multiple methods to achieve the best results.

What is termite baiting?

Lincoln City termite baiting involves placing bait stations underground and in-structure. These work against the most common termite variety in the Northwest, the subterranean termite. Our termite inspectors will make recommendations based on your termite species, infestation size, active areas, and more. Stations either deliver treated bait or track activity with cartridges.

  • Inspection cartridge/wood: These are placed and checked regularly. When the bait is taken your inspector knows there is termite activity in the area.
  • Toxicant bait: Termites take treated bait into the colony. This poisons the colony from the inside.

Stations can also deter colonies from establishing in an area. This can be useful if termite activity is present but hasn’t gained a permanent foothold.

Get professional termite baiting for the best results.

Our termite baiting process always starts with a careful inspection. Termite baiting Lincoln City exterminators effectively use has to be based on specific processes. Determining termite locations utilizing experience and training below ground, above ground, and in-property allows us to make informed bait placements. This yields the greatest results.

There is no substance that attracts termites. This makes proper bait station placement a necessity. If they aren’t spaced correctly it can severely reduce the chance of termites locating your traps. If termites don’t identify the stations as a food source, the traps will do nothing.

Termite baiting in Lincoln City and so much more.

Termite Baiting Lincoln City

The termite baiting that Lincoln City homes rely on is just the start. We provide free pest inspections and use integrated termite control methods to get our customers the best results. Baiting is just one tool we use, and effective baiting is intelligent baiting.

Every property is different, and so is every infestation. That’s why our pest control plans are created for your business or home. Pest eradication is only a possibility when a problem is attacked from every available angle. Our technicians have the experience to do this. We’ve been eliminating termites in Lincoln City since 1982. As methods change, so do we. Adaptability is crucial, and we keep on the cutting edge to provide you with the latest solutions.

Contact us for termite baiting today!

Don’t give termites the run of your property for another day. Termite baiting in Lincoln city can reduce the size of a population and even provide total colony elimination if conditions are favorable. For a free inspection from a trusted local technician, call (541) 265-6865 or contact us today!

We provide our pest control services in a variety of other locations. When you need termite control in Beaverton, Salem, Corvallis, Newport, Albany, or anywhere in between we are here to help!

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