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Free Pest Inspection Beaverton

Free Pest Inspection

Free Pest Inspection Beaverton

If you suspect you have a pest problem, don’t wait to have your property inspected. The only catch is payment. You don’t want to feel obligated to a company because you paid for an inspection. This is especially true if you have reservations about the quality of their work afterwards. This can make it more difficult to change your mind, so why not skip the payment? At The Killers, we trust the quality of our work to win you over, not a bait and switch. That’s why we provide a free pest inspection Beaverton home owners can take advantage of today!

Get a free pest inspection on your time!

The inspection is free, but that doesn’t mean we won’t work around your schedule. Just as with our treatment, scheduling your free pest inspection is at your convenience and only requires a phone call. Let us know what you believe the problem is, your property size, and a time that works for you. Our technicians inspect homes, crawlspaces, and commercial properties. If you’ve got a problem pest, we’ll find them.

Identify your Problem with a Free pest Inspection

Pest indicators can vary dramatically. Even similar insects like wasps and bees display radically different behavior. Our experts take the time to speak with you and find out what evidence you’ve encountered. We’ll then inspect your property and positively identify your pest before recommending a treatment plan. If you aren’t sure if you have an infestation, these are some symptoms of the Northwest’s most common pests.

Common Pest Signs

  • Ants – Frass is a material similar to sawdust. You can find it around entry points for ants. A steady stream of ground ants or flying ants is also a good indicator of permanent and nearby habitation.
  • Termites Water damage can often lead to damp wood termites. Look for buckling walls and ceilings as well as damp areas. More common subterranean termites travel in mud tubes. They also damage wood and may leave piles of shed wings when changing form.
  • Fleas – Trust your pets to bring in fleas and let you know if you have them. Live fleas, irritated skin, and hair loss are all prime indications.
  • Rodents – Both rats and mice leave brown pellet droppings behind. Nesting sites are often out of the way and made up of fibers and other materials. As natural scavengers, they will break into pet food and other food bags. Look for tear marks on bags.
  • Bed Bugs – You don’t want to wait for bed bugs. Blood stains from crushed bugs may be found on sheets and mattresses. Feces is often in mattress creases and looks like ground pepper. Also, check for exoskeleton molting and tiny white egg sacs.

Don’t wait to get your free pest inspection!

Free Pest Inspection Beaverton

Those are just some of the pests we regularly inspect for. Whatever you may have, we’re ready. With a free pest inspection, Beaverton homeowners aren’t forced to purchase service. However, time can make a big difference in ease of extermination and damage reduction. Termites work 24/7, bed bugs quickly spread, and rodents mark areas with urine everywhere they travel. If they weren’t dangerous, you wouldn’t need them eliminated.

Contact us and get your home back!

We use tested methods that guarantee pest control results. Don’t let the problem get out of hand, call (503) 777-3141 or Contact Us for your free pest inspection in Beaverton today!

We provide our pest control services in a variety of other locations. When you need a Sentricon treatment in Yamhill, Newberg, McMinnville, Salem, Wisonville, or anywhere in between we are here to help!

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