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Portland Oregon

Best Arcades in Portland

Are Arcades in Portland still a thing?

Back in the day, practically every teenager enjoyed collecting quarters to challenge the high score on their favorite coin-op game. But with inflation these days, these games have to cost a lot more than they used to. Don’t they? That isn’t necessarily true. While in the early days of video games, arcade cabinets had to be played one quarter at a time, some arcades have new ways for pricing. For many of these, you pay a flat fee, then get to play games on the cheap. And if you play enough of them, you can even get them under a quarter apiece if you’re lucky! While we provide top-quality pest control service, feel free to spend your day learning at some of Portland’s amazing museums–or be like the cool kids and go gaming!

Games start at a nickel at Wunderland

Why play with quarters if you can only play games for a nickel? That’s exactly what the owners of Wunderland thought when they opened their doors to the public. And although it’s incredibly cheap, they must be making a profit, since the Avalon location on SE Belmont St has been open for decades. And the games aren’t all cheapy coin-suckers either. While it’s true that most games cost more than a single nickel, most are two to three, and few are five or more–quite a bit less than a single cheap game at other arcades! Some of the games include Skee-ball, Claw Machines, On-Rail shooters, racing games, and much more!

Video games aren’t just for kids at Ground Kontrol

Kids get a lot of special treatment. But adults can get it too when they go to Ground Kontrol. While typically not as cheap as Wunderland, Ground Kontrol offers more in the way of food and drink, as well as a shop to buy gaming paraphernalia. And if you know when to come, you can play games for dirt cheap. Typically a couple of times and month, as well as the first 2nd Thursday each month, over 70 games are set to free play! Simply pay $5 to get in, and play to your heart’s content! However, this special event is closed to those under 21, so the kids will have to play on their consoles while you play in the classic and new arcade cabinets.

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Best Arcades in Portland

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