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Dealing With Indian Meal Moths

Options to Remove Moths from Homes in Portland

Dealing With Indian Meal Moths

Indian Meal Moths are a common pest that infiltrate dry food goods such as crackers, cereal, or bird seed. If Indian Meal Moths are common in your area or if you are simply concerned about them invading your home, one way to keep them at bay is to only buy dry goods that you will consume in a week or two. However, sometimes there are no ways to prevent an invasion, and the moths show up regardless. If Indian Meal Moths have come into your home, there are several things you can do to get rid of them once and for all. If you have trouble, contact a moth removal Portland service to help.

Non-Chemical Methods

If chemical pesticides and poisons do not sound appealing to you, there are some things you can do that do not use them. Take the dry goods you buy out of their original packaging and put them in air-sealed containers. You can buy these containers at most grocery stores, and they are fantastic for storage purposes. Clean your cabinet shelves regularly to make sure you don’t have any crumbs dotting them. Try to be aware of what you are purchasing, and do not buy anything that has already been opened. Don’t mix your new foods with old supply either, as an infestation will then simply transfer right to the new stuff. Lastly, keep your shelves dry, as moisture and dampness are magnets for the Indian Meal Moth.


Once the Indian Meal Moths have gotten in, you will want to continue cleaning everything regularly and making sure no moisture gets into your cabinets. However, you can also set traps that will catch the moths and keep them from spreading. Pantry pest traps consist of pheromone dipped glue strips that are sealed to a piece of cardboard or construction paper. The pheromones attract the moths, who get stuck to the glue and die. You will want to place the traps where there is the most moth traffic, as they will be most effective if they are closer to the insects you are trying to dispose of. Check the traps often and switch them out if they get too full. The more full a trap is, the less effective it will be.


Even if chemicals rub you the wrong way, sometimes chemical treatments are the only way to completely eradicate your Indian Meal Moth problem. Insect repellents and treatments are available at most hardware stores, and can be very effective at killing off moths. Make sure all food is clear of the cabinets before you spray. It may be a good idea to ensure all cracks are sealed in the cabinets before replacing the food storage. This can help prevent future infestations.

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Dealing With Indian Meal Moths

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