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Keeping Fleas Out Of Your House

Removing Fleas from your Portland Home is a Process

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If you have pets, fleas will become a problem eventually. All pet owners deal with fleas on their animals at some point. They latch onto your pet and set up shop, causing itching and making your pet very uncomfortable. Some fleas also carry diseases that can greatly affect the health of your animal. Fleas jump off your pets as well and get into your home, where they can spread with little trouble. Luckily, there are many different ways of dealing with fleas. Use the following guide to help keep fleas away from you and your family. If you have trouble, contact a trusted Flea Removal Portland service to help you.


The best defense is a good offense when it comes to fleas. Before allowing your pet inside, inspect the fur and look for any sign of flea activity. If you live on larger properties, your pets are more apt to get into areas where fleas will have an easier time of latching on. Make sure you give regular inspections and take necessary actions if any sign of fleas shows up.


If your animal is showing signs of fleas, or you have begun to spot the little things around, treatment is in order. There are many different treatments available for pets. Everything from flea-repellent collars to chemical treatments that spread over their fur. Speak with your veterinarian about your different options and decide which one will be best for you and your pet. Treatments can kill fleas already attached and can also prevent more from attaching, meaning they will keep your pet safe for now and in the future.

Wash Everything

If even after all of your precautions, fleas have infiltrated your home, make sure you are washing every fabric you have. Wash sheets and clothes and other fabrics in hot, soapy water to kill as many fleas as possible. Keeping your home as clean as you can helps keep the fleas from latching on to anything for a long period of time.


A thorough vacuuming of all of the carpet in your home is also necessary. Do not leave any corner untouched, as fleas are very small and can hide in a number of different places. Be sure to go over areas twice if you suspect more serious activity in those areas. After you have completed your vacuuming, be sure to dispose of the bag or empty the filter completely, as you do not want any fleas who lived through the vacuuming to get out and get into your carpet once again.

Using the above tips, you should be able to keep most fleas away from your family and out of your home. If you have tried the above methods and still find fleas everywhere, calling a professional exterminator is probably your best option.

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Keeping Fleas Out Of Your House

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