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Portland’s Best Food Delivery Options

Food Delivery for the Masses!

The worst news when you’re hungry and don’t want to go outside is that a delivery service doesn’t cover your area. Well, to save you the late-night heartache, here are five meal delivery services that cover each quadrant of the city. And whether you’re sweatpant-clad and hopelessly sunk into the seventh season of Portlandia, or simply starved and swamped at work, consider yourself lucky to live in a town with plenty of folks willing to pedal, scoot, or drive a meal to you.

The Best Part of Breakfast and Brunch

The best part of brunch in Portland is, sadly, not having to wait in a monstrous line that wraps around the building. As if eggs benny and small-batch coffee are as rare of an experience as witnessing a solar eclipse. So, if rubbing shoulders with fellow brunchers isn’t your jam, call Cheryl’s on 12th. Their extensive breakfast menu is available for browsing through, and the delivery fee for orders over $10 (this seems to be the standard minimum) is only $4.99. They deliver from downtown all the way up to North Portland within an hour — spend that time appreciating how nice it is not to be waiting in absurd lines.

Lunch Delivery — Better than Takeout

Amazon Prime Now has lunch delivery dialed in. Partnerships with Ecliptic Brewing, New Seasons Markets, Sweet Basil Thai, Ate-Oh-Ate, and countless others means it has dominated the local food delivery market just as solidly as it has taken over online shopping. This Prime Member service, however, is a bit more charitable — using its clout to help keep local restaurants busy during otherwise slow times. 2-hour delivery is free, but if you need it within the hour you’ll need to hand out an extra $7.99.

Dinner on Demand

Delivery dinner is the new frozen TV dinner. Few city residents working full-time to pay for their nice apartments and mortgages have extra time to fix dinner five days a week, because they cost a little more than the local arcades. So, if they don’t already have a meal delivery service like Blue Apron, the local answer could easily be SoupCycle. These cycling machines deliver soup, rice bowls, and salads to the four (five?) corners of the city — diplomatically rotating quadrants by day of the week. Northeast Portland gets delivery service on Tuesdays, Southeast on Thursdays, and so on. Orders under $50 have a $3.50 service fee.

Beer and Wine Delivery, of Course

Brew Public doesn’t mess around with cute names. And though it would be dreamy to have a six pack show up pizza-delivery-style at 10 pm on a Saturday night, it seems their primary clientele are ordering beer and wine as gifts. It serves a niche, however. Local delivery costs $15 plus the price of the wine, microbrew, or gift (you can add a plant or balloons to your order for extra flare). Order before noon for same-day delivery, otherwise it’ll arrive the following day.

Never Suffer Again! Late-Night Dessert Cravings Satisfied!

No, it’s not a sweet, weird Portland dream. It’s a reality. After Dark Cookies has answered the call for an after-hours dessert delivery service. The catch is that they only deliver to parts of SE Portland and downtown. Options include oversized chocolate chip, oatmeal, and snickerdoodles. They are also happy to wheel you over a pint of gourmet ice cream at your heart’s desire. Remember, you don’t have to be home for delivery. Cookie cravings can strike anytime and anywhere! Next time you’re out at that late-night dive bar, make the owners feel real guilty about not having fresh-baked cookies on their menu.

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Portland’s Best Food Delivery Options

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