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Sentricon Portland

Sentricon is Your Local Termite Protection

Sentricon Portland

When you want commercial grade termite protection for your home or business, what Portland property owners are looking for starts right here. The only way to enjoy Sentricon protection is from a qualified Certified Sentricon Specialist™.  The Killers is always on the cutting edge of pest control. When we find a method that offers complete elimination, we use it. That’s why we couldn’t wait to deliver termite relief to our customers with the help of Sentricon in Portland.

Get 24/7 protection 365 days a year.

With the power of Sentricon, Portland properties get complete protection from termites. These bait stations don’t just act on the workers within the colony, it works on the queen at the heart of an infestation. With a line of both under and above-ground stations, Sentricon has you covered from every angle. When properly maintained this system can eliminate your current termite infestation and prevent future recurrences.

How does Sentricon work?

Though the formula may be a secret, the results are anything but. Sentricon eliminates a termites ability to eat and reproduce. They are unable to identify the Recruit HD termite bait these traps contain as poisonous. Not only that, but they prefer it over wood. Though termites cannot be attracted with pheromones, once they find a bait station they will continue to come back for more.

Why choose the power of Sentricon?

  • Homeowners insurance doesn’t typically cover termite damage. Have you done anything to prevent it?
  • Termites never stop working. Sentricon never stops protecting. Get 24-hour coverage every day of the year.
  • Certified exterminators receive Sentricon specific training. Do you know if your exterminator has?
  • We trust Sentricon with the protection of our homes. Termites never sleep. We sleep easy with Sentricon.

Get EPA certified protection for your home!

Sentricon Portland

Whether you want protection for your home or business, Sentricon provides protection for people, too. It has been awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Award. This goes to products that incorporate environmentally, technically sound innovation into their manufacturing, design, and use. This award was given due to Sentricon’s incredibly low impact on the human health, low toxicity to non-termites, and low potential for groundwater contamination.

When you’re looking for a greener treatment for your termite infestation, trust the product awarded by the EPA. With more than 3 million different structures currently under the protection of Sentricon, office buildings, skyscrapers, and other sensitive sites are safe. Quality assurance is guaranteed with the robust training required to get certified, exterminators that install Sentricon know exactly how to get maximum results.

Contact us for Sentricon in Portland today!

It’s never too late to start protecting your home with Sentricon Portland buildings continue to benefit from. Our specialists are ready to provide you with protection now and later. When you want 24/7 protection from termites, call (503) 777-3141 or contact The Killers today!

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