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Sentricon Newport OR

Protect Your Home With Sentricon

Sentricon Newport

If there’s one aspect of home protection that needs to be taken seriously, it’s dealing with termites. Termites don’t stop working and can destroy your home from the ground up. In the United States termites are estimated to cause $30 billion in damages each year. You need 24-hour protection that works even when you’re sleeping. You need Sentricon for your Newport home or business.

Stay protected 24/7, 365 days a year.

Store bought termite treatments aren’t always effective. They may need constant reapplication and are frequently harmful to wildlife and fauna. This can be an even bigger concern if you have pets or small children. Sentricon operates differently. There aren’t sprays or gases you have to worry about. This system actually uses bait stations above and below ground. When termites find these stations they bring the bait back to their colony, and right into the heart of your problem.

How does Sentricon work?

Sentricon Newport

Unfortunately, as of yet, there are no pheromones, chemical markers, or other products that can physically attract termites. That doesn’t mean the biology of a termite cannot be used against it. When a termite finds a food source it likes, it will return. That’s why Sentricon has been thoroughly tested, modified, and uses powerful Recruit HD bait that is preferred by termites 7 to 1 over wood. They bring the bait directly into the colony where it prevents termites from reproducing or feeding.

Why choose the power of Sentricon?

  • Termites expand their colony 24 hours a day. Protect yourself 24/7 with Sentricon.
  • Your insurance likely doesn’t cover termite damage. Sentricon makes it easy to protect your home.
  • Sentricon requires company certification before they can install their products. That’s quality guaranteed.
  • Most treatments are external. Sentricon is delivered by the termites to the innermost areas of the colony.
  • We trust our families and our homes to Sentricon. Get the best protection available.

Sentricon means EPA Certified Protection

Every year the EPA gives outs the Presidential Green Chemistry Award. A product must meet rigid standards in order to receive it. The recipient must deliver an innovative product that’s environmentally friendly at every stage including design, manufacture, and use. Sentricon received the PGCA for its low impact on human health, low toxicity to non-termites, and low risk for groundwater contamination.

We believe in Sentricon and we don’t stand alone. This system protects the White House from termites along with over 3 million additional structures. From commercial buildings to sensitive sites and homes, Sentricon is a national leader in termite protection.

Contact us for Sentricon in Newport today!

Get 24/7 termite protection now. Choose the EPA endorsed, White House-trusted system to protect your home. Call or contact us today to learn more from a Certified Sentricon Specialist™.

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