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Sentricon McMinnville

Use Sentricon to Get Rid of Termites

Sentricon McMinnville

Home protection isn’t about playing fast and loose, especially where termites are concerned. Termites are tireless, and inferior termite control can cost you your home. It’s been estimated that termites cause $30 billion dollars worth of damage in the United States every year. That’s because a colony is active day and night. You need protection that delivers the same. You need the strength of Sentricon to treat your McMinnville home or business.

Get 24/7 protection, 365 days a year.

Standard termite treatments don’t always work. They can be harmful to wildlife and may not penetrate the colony. Sentricon works differently. It’s delivered right to the heart of a colony—the queen—by the colony’s own worker termites. Bait stations are positioned below and above ground. This provides the greatest coverage. When it’s installed professionally, Sentricon is your greatest weapon against your current infestation and protection against those in the future. That’s because termites have a major advantage many insects do not.

How does Sentricon work?

There are no chemical markers, pheromones, or other products that can attract termites. Termites are always identifying new sources of food, though. If they find one they like they will remember its location and return. The bait stations our technicians use are baited with Sentricon’s carefully tested and researched Recruit HD bait. It’s so desirable, termites prefer Recruit HD bait 7 to 1 over wood. They carry the bait directly into the colony. That’s where the science comes into play. Recruit HD prevents termites from feeding or reproducing, shutting down a colony from the inside out.

Why choose the power of Sentricon?

  • Termites work 24/7 to expand their colony. Sentricon delivers 24/7 protection against it.
  • Insurance doesn’t typically cover damage from termites. Sentricon makes protecting your home simple.
  • Treatment standards vary greatly. Sentricon only allows certified companies to install their system.
  • Most treatments cannot fully penetrate a colony. Sentricon gets mandible delivered to a colony’s center.
  • We trust our homes and families to Sentricon. Are you getting the best protection available?

Sentricon McMinnville

Sentricon means EPA Certified Protection

The Presidential Green Chemistry Award is given out by the EPA. In order to receive it, a product has to meet strict standards. It must be environmentally sound. It also has to innovate across the board. That includes the manufacture, design, and use of the product. Sentricon was awarded the PGCA thanks to its low impact on human health, low toxicity to non-termites, and low risk for groundwater contamination.

We believe in Sentricon, and we aren’t alone. This is the same system the White House depends on for termite protection along with 3 million other unique structures. It protects everything from sensitive sites to commercial buildings and homes just like yours.

Contact us for Sentricon in McMinnville today!

Providing your property with 24/7 termite protection begins now. Choose the system that’s trusted by the EPA and protects some of our nation’s most valuable landmarks. Call or contact us today to learn more from a Certified Sentricon Specialist™.

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