Pest Control Hit List

Pest Control Hit List
We offer services to eliminate a variety of pests, including bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, and rodents. Check out our list to find the pest currently causing you problems.

Pest Treatments

Pest Treatments
Our services include a full inspection, a year guarantee, and a unique plan that is adapted to your current situation. We will work directly with you to ensure the best methods are used.

Free Pest Inspection

Free Pest Inspection
If you suspect any type of pest on your property, call us out and we will perform a free, complete inspection to determine what is causing the problem & how best to get rid of it.

Green Pest Control

Green Pest Control

Truths & Misconceptions

Just because some companies advertise "green pest control" doesn't necessarily mean they are eco-friendly.

Pest Control Portland

Pest Control Portland

The Killers is the name people know they can trust to get a pest control in Portland done right. When you need a Portland exterminator we are the company to call. Pest control in Portland means knowing what type of pests and insects you are dealing with. Our 33 years of experience in extermination services in the Northwest has made us experts in identifying and eliminating the exact pests infesting your home or business.

Our reputation for excellent customer service and our style of open communication has made us the go-to name for pest control in Portland.

Customer Safe Pest Control

From the initial inspection to the complete extermination of pests, we have the expertise to complete the job, every time. However, insect and rodent eliminating is not the only thing we care about. We care about our customers, so we use the least toxic products possible that still deliver complete extermination. Many companies out there claim they have completely safe, eco-friendly pest control products. The truth is these products are toxic too. Some are altered “plant-based” products, and so they are touted as “natural”. We are honest with out customers. We are happy to discuss any concerns you have, and we will not sugar-coat information with unrealistic terms.

Many insects and rodents cause a health threat by spreading bacteria and inflaming allergies. Our pest control eliminates that threat. We guarantee that you will not have insects or rodents after we treat your home or office.

Starting with a thorough inspection, we know where insects and rodents hide. We root out any and all areas to find exactly what we are dealing with. From there, we customize an extermination plan for your home or business. Our services are guaranteed to eliminate all pests for up to a year. In addition, if you have had damage done to a crawl space due to insects or animals, we eliminate the pests and can also repair the crawl space as well.

When we are done exterminating, you will not see any pests. But, more than that, you can have peace of mind that they are gone from the areas you cannot see, too. After our experienced Portland exterminators are done, your premises will be pest-free!

Some of the Pests on our Hit List include:

Affordable Pest Control

The Killers understands each pest control customer has a unique pest problem and a specific budget. That is why we offer a variety of pest control treatment plans. After our inspection we go over our findings with you. We work with you to find the right treatment plan for you specific pest control needs as well as your budget. We are confident that we have a plan that is right for you.

Call (503) 777-3141 today for the pest control Portland knows and trusts!

Pest Control Exterminators Portland

Our Quality Promise

We believe in quality Pest Control in Portland and all of our services, we guarantee our work, most of it for up to a year. Our professional Portland pest control technicians are courteous, clean, experienced, and knowledgeable. They are happy to answer any questions you may have as well as explain information about pricing, products, and your pest control elimination plan.

If you want your pests killed and eliminated rather than controlled and minimized, call The Killers today. We can quickly schedule a full inspection and offer you a quote for the services we offer. All treatments are designed to remove pests completely, and we stand by our work with guarantees. Contact us today to handle your pest controlPortland, OR problems.

Call Us Today for a FREE Inspection!

Newport:(541) 265-6865 | Salem:(503) 364-8091 | Portland:(503) 777-3141

We Provide a wide variety of pest control including:

Pest Elimination Portland

The Killers are proud supporters of the following charitable organizations.


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  • Hi Killers, thank you for working with me on my pest problem. Having customers in the restaurant seeing pest problems isn't good. Keep up the great job.
  • Paul, Thank you for coming to spray the back of the house. We appreciate the superior work you do.
  • My service with the killers has been great. I would recommend them to anyone that needs a pest service.
  • Wanted to let you all know that Paul did an amazing job on the ants at my home. It's good to have a company that really cares.
  • Paul is an awesome tech and does an amazing job on our pests. I hope it's possible for him to always be our service tech.
  • Thank you for treating our house for ants and spiders. I noticed a big difference the next day and now it's been a week and what a difference. Victor did a great job and was very personable and a great person to represent your company. I would recommend you to any of my clients.
  • Gus did a great job at our house the other day. I wanted to let you know that Gus was amazing at killing the bugs and interacting with the kids as I have a daycare. You have a great employee there.
  • Hello there, I recently had your company out to our house for termites and other bugs. I've seen your trucks and thought they were funny. I'm glad I didn't shop around because you guys did a great job. Paul was very pleasant to talk to and took care of our pest problem. Thank you, Tracy Beadles
  • Gus stopped by to check on how our pests were doing without even us having to call. He's a great tech and my wife said he always does a amazing job.
  • Dear Killers, I'm writing this to let you know how much we appreciate the job Paul did underneath our home. It was not an easy task but he got in there and took care of it.