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    Pest Treatments

    Pest Treatments

    Our services include a full inspection, a year guarantee, and a unique plan that is adapted to your current situation. We will work directly with you to ensure the best methods are used.

    Pest Inspection

    Free Pest Inspections

    If you suspect any type of pest on your property, call us out and we will perform a free, complete inspection to determine what is causing the problem & how best to get rid of it.

    Green Pest

    Green Pest Control

    Truths & Misconceptions:
    When a company advertises “green pest control”, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are using eco-friendly products.


    Pest Control Portland OR

    Best Affordable Pest Control Service For Portland

    The Killers understands each pest control customer has a unique pest problem and a specific budget. That is why The Killers Pest Control Portland  offers a variety of pest control treatment plans. After our inspection, we go over our findings with you. We work with you to find the right pest control treatment plan for your specific pest control needs as well as your budget.

    Our Pest Control Quality Promise

    We believe in quality pest control which is why we guarantee our work. Our professional pest control technicians are courteous, clean, experienced, and knowledgeable. They are happy to answer any pest control questions you may have as well as explain information about pricing, products, and your pest control elimination plan.

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    Carpenter Ant Workers

    We Provide a Wide Variety of Insect Exterminator And Portland Pest Control Services, Including:

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    Pest Control Portland Service

    Your Source for Local Pest Extermination And Insect Control Since 1982.

    Affordable pest control
    Local pest control company
    Friendly pest extermination service
    Complete pest control and management
    Customized pest control plans

    The Killers is the name Portland residents know they can trust to get insect control done right. When you need an exterminator to control bugs, we are the company to call. Our 33 years of experience in pest control services in the Northwest has made us experts in identifying and eliminating the exact pests infesting your home or business.

    Our reputation for excellent customer service and our style of open communication has made us the go-to name for pest control.

    Safe and Effective Ant Removal in Multnomah County

    Responsible removal of ants and other annoying pests
    Complete bee, ant, and roach control
    Our friendly exterminators help keep your home healthy
    Restore your office with total pest removal and pest control
    Long-term solutions for rodent problems

    From the initial pest inspection to the complete extermination of pests, we have the expertise to complete the job every time. However, insect and rodent control is not the only thing we care about. We care about our clients and their pets, so we use low toxicity products while keeping the environment in mind.

    The Killers Pest Control Ants

    The Killers are proud supporters of the following organizations

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    The Killers Pest Control

    Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions

    Will one pest control treatment be enough?
    The effectiveness of a single pest control treatment depends on the severity of the infestation and the type of pest being targeted. In some cases, multiple treatments or ongoing preventive measures may be necessary to ensure complete eradication and long-term control.
    How can I prevent pests from returning after treatment?
    To prevent pests from returning, it’s important to maintain cleanliness, seal entry points, eliminate food and water sources, trim vegetation away from buildings, and follow any specific recommendations provided by the pest control professional.
    Is pest control safe for gardens and plants?
    In short answer, it can be. Many products are approved for gardens and plants. The label of each product specifies where and how often you can apply the product to an area. Please always follow the label because that is developed by the manufacturers and is law.

    The Killers Pest Control Is Proud To Be A Locally-Owned Company In Portland, OR

    The Killers Pest Control, a locally-owned company founded in 1982, is a trusted name in pest management in Portland, OR. With our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction, we have become a go-to resource for residents and businesses alike. With Certified Sentricon Specialist® on our team, home and business owners can have peace of mind that their property is protected from termites. Conveniently located just a short distance away from popular local attractions such as the Oregon Zoo, Oaks Amusement Park, and iFLY Indoor Skydiving, The Killers Pest Control offers an excellent opportunity to address any pest concerns while enjoying nearby entertainment options. Directions to The Killers Pest Control

    Stop Searching For Pest Control Near Me. Call The Killers Today!

    As a locally-owned company, The Killers Pest Control takes pride in serving the Portland community. We understand the unique pest challenges that residents and businesses face in the area and tailor our services to meet specific needs. From thorough inspections to effective treatments and preventive measures, our goal is to provide long-lasting pest solutions that bring peace of mind to our customers. When it comes to pest control in Portland, The Killers Pest Control stands out as a trusted and reliable choice. With our convenient location near several Portland transit stops, including SE Park Ave MAX Station, Tigard Transit Center, and PCC Sylvania Main Stop and commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer the perfect combination of effective pest management. Local Transit Directions To The Killers Pest Control

    We Are Proud To Provide Pest Control Services To Many Neighborhoods Throughout Portland, OR, Including:

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    Check Out Some Of Our Reviews From Our Happy Customers

    “We had a rodent problem in our new home due to foundation vent grates rusted out. I called our local Chamber of Commerce and they recommended this business. Tom came out the same day to inspect and then had someone come the next day to set traps and replace all of the vents. They were courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. I highly recommend Killers Pest Control!” -Susan L.
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    “From the moment I called, they were amazing. Customer service is an 11/10. We had a HUGE yellow jacket problem, and they got an inspector out here the next day. The treatment was the day after. They made sure we got it taken care of ASAP. You can tell that they really care. The price was very affordable as well. They were just amazing. I have zero negative things to say. We will definitely be using The Killers for any of our pest control issues down the road. Highly recommend!” -Melina B.
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    “I cannot recommend The Killers more, they have been absolutely amazing through the whole process – from the first phone call to the weekly check-ins.

    Randal did our initial inspection and he was very thorough, knowledgeable, and so friendly. He had me laughing the whole time!

    Aaron has been the technician servicing our home and he was done a phenomenal job. He has been extremely thorough, thoughtful, and reassuring. Aaron definitely knows what he’s doing, he guaranteed me he would solve our rodent problem and he’s lived up to his promise. He is coming every week until we both feel confident that our problem is solved.

    I am very thankful for The Killers!” -Molly F.
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    We’re Proud To Offer A Wide Range Of Pest Control Services

    • Ant Removal
    • Bed Bug Removal
    • Bed Bug Treatment
    • Bee Removal
    • Boxelder Bug Removal
    • Carpet Beetle Removal
    • Cockroach Removal
    • Exterminator
    • Flea Removal
    • Flea Treatment
    • Free Pest Inspection
    • Green Pest Control
    • Moth Removal
    • Moth Treatment
    • Pest Control
    • Pest Control Service
    • Rodent Removal
    • Sentricon
    • Silverfish Removal
    • Small Ant Removal
    • Spider Control
    • Spider Removal
    • Termite Baiting
    • Termite Control
    • Termite Inspection
    • Wasp Removal
    • Wood Beetle Pest Removal
    • Wood Beetle Removal

    About Portland, OR

    Welcome to Portland, Oregon, a city brimming with charm, creativity, and natural beauty. Nestled between the stunning peaks of the Cascade Range and the mighty waters of the Willamette River, Portland is renowned for its lush greenery, picturesque parks, and a thriving cultural scene.

    This vibrant metropolis is a haven for food lovers, boasting a dynamic culinary landscape that showcases an array of farm-to-table restaurants, artisanal food carts, and bustling farmers markets. From the delectable flavors of the iconic Voodoo Doughnut to the eclectic fusion cuisine found at local food trucks, Portland offers a gastronomic adventure for every palate.

    The city is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts as well, with its extensive network of urban trails, stunning gardens, and nearby natural wonders. Whether it’s exploring the tranquil beauty of Forest Park, cycling along the scenic waterfront, or embarking on an unforgettable hike in the nearby Columbia River Gorge, Portland offers countless opportunities to reconnect with nature.

    Portland also embraces a culture of individuality and self-expression, reflected in its vibrant arts and music scene. From independent galleries and theaters to renowned music venues, the city pulses with creativity, hosting a myriad of festivals, live performances, and art events throughout the year.

    As you stroll through Portland’s distinctive neighborhoods, such as the trendy Pearl District or the bohemian vibe of Hawthorne, you’ll find a community that prides itself on sustainability and progressive values. From its extensive public transportation system to its commitment to renewable energy, Portland continually strives to be a leader in eco-conscious living.

    So, whether you’re seeking adventure in the great outdoors, immersing yourself in the city’s eclectic culture, or simply savoring its renowned coffee and craft beer scene, Portland invites you to experience its unique blend of natural wonders, artistic flair, and friendly, laid-back atmosphere.

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