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A Whiff of Information: What to Do About Stink Bugs

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Stink Bug Infestation: Where Did They Come From? It’s that time of year again. The temperature dropped. Everyone moved their afternoon and weekend activities indoors, but they’re not alone. When the temperatures drop outside, humans aren’t the only organisms driven indoors. This time of year really stinks for some homeowners due to the sudden influx […]

Sugar Ants in Portland? Here’s What to Do

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Portland’s Famous Sugar Ant Problem Here in Portland, Oregon, we have our fair share of pests. Gophers, spiders, and other critters prompt homeowners across the metro-area to call pest control to evict their unwanted guests forcefully. However, the most insidious (and probably the most aggravating) pest in Portland is the sugar ant. Strangely enough, due […]

5 Common Things You Didn’t Know About Rodents

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We Know About the Birds and Bees, Now Let’s Talk About Rodents Birds and bees have the advantage of doing nice things for the environment and making for useful metaphors, but rodents simply don’t have as many positive connotations. Especially in cities like Portland, rodents are mainly limited to rats, mice, and squirrels, all of which […]

Benefits of Green Pest Control

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Here Are 4 Major Benefits of Green Pest Control       As a pest control business, using green products as a pest control method ought to be a portion of your pest control marketing strategy. There are basically a couple of ways to eliminate unwanted pests: chemical and natural.  The majority of us are familiar with traditional […]


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