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Benefits of Green Pest Control

Here Are 4 Major Benefits of Green Pest Control      Pest Control Portland

As a pest control business, using green products as a pest control method ought to be a portion of your pest control marketing strategy. There are basically a couple of ways to eliminate unwanted pests: chemical and natural.  The majority of us are familiar with traditional pest control methods that make use of chemical pesticides to get rid of various pests.

Every spring, homeowners countrywide start seeing pests and insects appear in their gardens and homes. While the kinds of pests might vary depending upon where you reside or what you are growing in the garden, it is a constant fight to keep them out and keep them from destroying your plants.

There are many ways to attempt to keep them away, however, most of those options use chemicals which might be hazardous to the environment. Green pest control methods may offer the ideal solution. Are you searching for reasons to go green with your pest control? Below we list four of them:

#1. It is better for the environment

It’s the main benefit of green pest control. Whereby chemical sprays might be efficient, they oftentimes have hazardous effects upon the surrounding environment (which includes soil, animals, and water as it becomes runoff), green pest control solutions typically are more beneficial and much safer for the environment, in general.

Many green sprays use plant or food-based oils as the active ingredients, which give you a natural method of keeping pests at bay without having to damage the surrounding environment.

#2. You will accomplish healthier long-run results

Typically, green pesticides are effective for a longer time period than chemical sprays. You probably have been through this routine with the use of chemical pesticides before: apply one time, apply again thirty days later, thirty days after that, and so on.

Those repeated applications also can damage your overall garden or lawn long-term, as well as make it more difficult for any plants to grow.

#3. Pests cannot resist it

It has been shown that chemical pesticides and sprays may lose their effectiveness over a period of time. This merely comes down to nature, as well as the passing on of advantageous traits: if specific insects within a species are not killed off by the pesticides, only the ones who have traits which make them resistant to it will get passed on. Over a period of time, most of the population might be resistant to that certain chemical.

Since green treatments are biologically based instead of artificially created, pests aren’t likely to develop a resistance.

#4. Science

The majority of green pesticides use biological controls combined with organic, safer chemicals to prevent pests. Ingredients come from natural substances and will require knowledge of the scientific composition of the pesticides and the pests. Companies must understand everything about the pests, as well as the organic compounds which may repel them. There is a strategy and a science to their methods, instead of a chemical “spray-and-pray it’ll work” method.

Be on the lookout for these common pests in OregonSpider Removal Portland

Bed Bugs

Of all of the pests on the list, bed bugs are maybe the most feared. While bed bugs do not pack a poisonous bite such as black widows, or carry diseases such as ticks, they’re the stuff of nightmares. Just like vampires, bed bugs seek out sources of blood at night, and literally suck your blood when you sleep, and scurry back inside their hiding places by day.

Bed bugs like to hide under the baseboard of your bed, underneath the mattress, and inside any dark space or crack, like beneath bedding, behind picture frames, wallpaper, electrical outlets, and likewise dark spaces.

The bloodsuckers will lay 1 – 5 eggs per day, and as many as 500 in their lifetime, meaning a couple of bed bugs quickly can turn to a full-blown infestation with the proper food source.


If there’s pets living in your house, they may carry in fleas. To eliminate fleas on pets, you might have to go to the local veterinarian. To eliminate fleas in your house, vacuum often, contact pest control services, and continuously use dog or cat flea control.


The final bloodsucker on the list is the tick. Inside Oregon you will discover the black-legged tick, and the Rocky Mountain wood tick which may transmit and carry Lyme disease. While you probably won’t see these pests inside your house, they may be carried in by mice and pets.

Western Black Widow

While the majority of spiders actually act as a pest control service, consuming undesired insects without causing harm to gardens or people, there are a couple of types of poisonous spiders inside Oregon to be on the lookout for. The black widow is a shiny, large black spider that has a red, distinctive hourglass marking. They like living in dark places in a white, messy web.

Hobo Spider

Sometimes referred to as an “aggressive house spider,” the hobo spider resides all throughout Oregon. The spiders love to wander and look for prey, and occasionally hide inside any dark spot they’re able to find. Due to this, they periodically wind up inside shoes or clothes that are left on the floor and generate a vicious bite to unsuspecting humans.


Ants you see are merely the worker and scout ants; however, there are thousands more hiding inside the nest, who tend to the queen. Inside Oregon, there are a number of pantry- and house-invading ants. By the time you come across their infestation, a whole ant colony may already be living underneath the floorboards.

Carpenter Ants

In addition, carpenter ants are of particular concern. They’ll nest inside wood, which includes the wood in your house, which makes them a severe threat to homeowners.


Similar to carpenter arts, termites nest inside moist wood, and eat their way through your home’s structure. Our pest control company developed an environmentally-friendly method of warding termites off, by treating wood to keep termite colonies from taking hold to begin with. That is a huge deal, because after finding a termite colony, the average homeowner will spend about $3,000 to eliminate them. All in all, termites and likewise structural pests cause around $30 billion in damage to crops and buildings every year.

The American Cockroach

Similar to bed bugs and spiders, the American cockroach has a certain way of making your skin crawl. They are disgusting, unclean, and very hard to eliminate.

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Benefits of Green Pest Control

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