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The Best Ways To Prevent Carpet Beetles

Removing Carpet Beetles in Portland can seem Impossible

Carpet beetles, when left unnoticed or untreated, can multiply very quickly and cause irreparable damage to clothing, wool carpets, rugs, upholstery, and other household fabrics. If you notice carpet beetles latching themselves onto your fabrics and causing problems throughout the house, you will want to hire a professional who specializes in carpet beetle removal in Portland. Carpet beetles can be prevented from invading if you take the right steps to do so. Once they are in, they are difficult to remove, but with prevention techniques and commitment, you should be able to handle any carpet beetle invasion that comes about. Follow these techniques and your home should be free of carpet beetles now and well into the future.


The first step is a basic housekeeping procedure. Vacuuming frequently keeps carpet beetles from being able to set up a breeding ground in your home. By vacuuming, you eliminate any eggs or larvae that are imbedding in the carpet and prevent them from growing any larger. This will prevent any damage from occurring. Also remember to vacuum furniture and other upholstery, as eggs and larvae can be found there as well. If you have pets, their fur is a food source for carpet beetles, so vacuuming regularly will keep that fur from lying around the house waiting to be eaten.

Wash Fabrics

Besides vacuuming, you also want to wash your clothing, bedding, and other fabrics thoroughly to get any eggs, larvae, or carpet beetles out of them. If carpet beetles have invaded before, or you simply want to be certain that they won’t, you can keep the cleaned linens and other fabrics in tightly sealed containers or boxes that are difficult to break into. Store them out of the way and make sure the storage areas are clear of dust and other debris that may attract carpet beetles.

Clean Up Food Spills

Crumbs, wrappers, and other food debris needs to be cleaned up thoroughly all around the house to prevent attracting carpet beetles. Food spill areas, along with dust and lint-filled areas, are prime breeding grounds for carpet beetles and need to be taken care of before a problem can arise. Once the food and other debris has been cleaned up, be sure to store food in tightly sealed plastic containers so the carpet beetles cannot get to it. By storing this food in containers, you make it more difficult for carpet beetles to find access to it, meaning they will most likely move on to another location.

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The Best Ways To Prevent Carpet Beetles

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