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The Common Types Of Rodents

Rodents that are often Removed from Portland Homes

Grey Rat

Rodents are some of the most common pests to invade homes in the area. The can get in through walls and other openings in the home, especially if holes are already present in the home. They can chew through sheetrock and wiring, causing expensive damage that can take a lot of time to repair. What is even more annoying is that many times the damage is caused before you even detect their presence. They can even get into your food supply and infect the food, making it unsafe to eat and wasting a lot of your groceries. If you suspect that your home has been infested by rodents, you will want to get the help of a service that focuses on rodent removal Portland to help you get rid of them. The types of rodents you should look out for are outlined in the following list.

House Mouse

House mice will show signs of their presence by leaving tracks, droppings, and chewed up furniture behind them. They also produce musty odors that can be noticed throughout the house. They usually set up shop in storage sheds, closets, and other dark, undisturbed areas of the home. They are very small rodents, with beady eyes and large ears, and can be different colors as well. They prefer grains, oats, corn, and wheat, and will infiltrate your cupboards in search of these foods. However, they will eat whatever is available if the situation calls for it.

Norway Rat

The Norway Rat is one of the larger rodents and has coarse fur and small ears. It usually has a white underbelly to go with its red or brown fur color, and prefers grains, fruits, nuts, and meat for food sources. If anything is left opened, even a crack, the Norway Rat will get into it and ruin the food for you. The Norway Rat will also require a reliable water source, so chances are you have some sort of leak if a population of Norway Rats has invaded. They usually live on the ground level of homes or in the basement, and can commonly be found in fields and woodpiles as well.

Roof Rat

Another one of the more common rodents in our area is the roof rat. These creatures are usually grey or black with longer tails, and make their homes in ceilings, walls, or garages. They prefer to live in the dark areas of homes so they can go undetected. They, like most rodents, go for fruits, grains, and other dried foods, including pet foods. It is imperative that you seal your food so the roof rat has nothing to acquire.

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The Common Types Of Rodents

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