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Types Of Bees You Should Know About

Removing Bees from your Portland Home

When it comes to bee invasions, it is not always what it seems. There are a variety of different bees, especially in the Pacific Northwest, that likes to set up nests around homes and other areas that have a lot of foot traffic. It is important to know what types are out there, since there are some bees that mean you and your family no harm at all, and can actually contribute to making your landscape look better in the long run. However, there are some bees that will be harmful. Even if the ones on your land are not, if you or a family member suffers bee allergies, you probably want them away from you. For bee removal, you will want to contact a service that specializes in removal of bees in Portland.


Honeybees are the least violent variety, and are much fatter and brighter than other types of bees. They generally will not sting you unless they feel very threatened, and are actually very good for pollen distribution all around your property, which can make your flowers perform much better over a long period of time. Honeybees are generally harmless and usually form nests in trees or shrubs around a landscape. If you find a honeybee nest and want it removed, contact a pest control service as soon as you can and have them deal with it for safety reasons.


Hornets are much more violent and aggressive than honeybees. They will attack far easier than other types and will be able to sting multiple times if they so choose. Hornets will most likely attack if they are disturbed in any way, which means that you will probably want to have them removed by a professional pest control service if you come across a nest. Hornets have long, sectioned bodies, and are typically darker in color. They will form their nests in corners of the outside of homes and in bushes around the landscape.


Like hornets, wasps can be very violent at times. They will also nest around homes on the exterior portions or in shrubbery and trees around properties. If they are disturbed, they will attack and can also sting multiple times. Unlike hornets, they will typically only attack if they are provoked and feel threatened. However, if you would like the nest removed to be safe, especially if allergies are concerned in any way, you should certainly contact a professional exterminator so it can be removed safely and efficiently.

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Types Of Bees You Should Know About

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