Pest Hit List

Pest Hit List

Carpenter Ants

Larger ants that can cause major structural damage. If found inside, then the nest is usually inside the home somewhere.

Small Ants

Smaller ants with very large colonies that are found both inside and outside the home.

Bed Bugs

Look out for these pests when traveling, bites can be terrible.

Box Elder Bugs

These pests sun themselves on the south and west side of the house in the spring and fall.

Hobo Spiders

Can cause a severe bite commonly mistaken as a brown recluse.

Mice and Rats

Both have become a bad problem due to people feeding birds&Squirrels and also mild winters.

Subterranean Termites

They are very common in Oregon and everyone should have their home inspected once a year.


Honeybees are safe and good for the environment. And usually, it’s not necessary to treat for them.


These can be very aggressive, so make sure to pay attention in the summer for ground nests and nests on or in the house.

Carpet Beetles

This is avery small beetle found in the windows or around the baseboards.


These pests infest any type of building and breed very quickly.

Damp Wood Termites

It is sually not necessary to treat for these pests because they attack moisture problems. Simply fixing the leak should do the trick.


Mostly associated with homeowners who have furry indoor-outdoor pets. Infestations can be severe at times.

Indian Meal Moths

Very common in dry goods, pet food, and bird feed. Flying moths are usually seen first, whereas the larvae are later found in food.


The standard silverfish is commonly seen at floor level. Firebrats can be found around the ceiling area.

Wood Beetles

Commonly found in the crawlspace and can cause major structural damage because they will reinfest the wood.

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